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Books on Jim Clark

Title Author Date ISBN Notes
Jim Clark at the wheel Jim Clark 1965 none Hardback, 143 x 220 mm, 208pp
Jim Clark at the wheel Jim Clark 1965 none Hardback, 143 x 220 mm, 208pp

Different publisher and statistics include 1964, pictures arranged differently

Jim Clark at the wheel

Jim Clark 1965 none Softback 106 x 178 mm, 176pp.
Jim Clark

Jim Clark 1966 none French version of 'At the wheel' with different photographs

Softback, 115 x 180 mm, 220pp.

The Jim Clark Story

Bill Gavin 1967 none Hardback, 140 x 215mm, 152pp.
Die Jim Clark Story Bill Gavin 1967 none German version
La Storia di Jim Clark Bill Gavin 1968 none Italian version

Softback, 140 x 210mm, 196pp.

Jim Clark portrait of a great driver

Graham Gault and others 1968 none Hardback, 137 x 204 mm, 204pp.
Jenseits von schnell, das leben von Jim Clark

Helmut Zwickl 1968   German text

Hardback, 144 x 209 mm, 129pp.

Jim Clark Remembered

Graham Gauld 1975 0 85059 190 2 Hardback, 160 x 240 mm, 143pp
Jim Clark Remembered

Graham Gauld 1975 0 668 03848 9 American version.

Hardback, 160 x 240 mm, 143pp

Jim Clark remembered

Graham Gauld 1984 0 85058 730 7 2nd edition, originally printed in 1975

The story of his career, successes and disappointments.

Hardback, 160 x 240 mm, 144pp

Jim Clark, The Legend Lives On

Graham Gauld 1989 1 85260 144 2 3rd edition, originally printed in 1975 as 'Jim Clark remembered'

The story of his career, successes and disappointments.

Hardback, 158 x 240 mm, 157pp.

Jim Clark

Doug Nye 1991 0 905138 77 5 Autocourse driver profile No. 8

Hardback, 215 x 303 mm , 109pp.

Senna & Clark: Due Miti a Confronto

Fabiano Vandone 1995   Italian text compares the lives of Senna and Clark

Hardback, 250 x 270 mm, 80pp.

Jim Clark

Eric Dymock 1997 0 85429 982 3 Hardback, 205 x 245 mm, 256pp.
Jim Clark Photographic Memories Eric Bryce 1998 0 9533011 0 9 Softback, 296 x 210mm, 24pp.
Jim Clark racing legend

Eric Dymock 2003 0760316899


Hardback, 200 x 240 mm, 288pp.

US Edition of the 1997 book.

Jim Clark and his most succesful Lotus

Eoin Young   978 1 84425 0295 This compelling book marries together a study of a great period in the life of Jim Clark with the history of a great British marque.

Featured in particular is the famous Lotus 25, from its golden 1963 World Championship-winning year, through subsequent owners and crashes until the remains are discovered and the gallant old charger is restored to its original specification.

You also get full technical description from racing journals of the day .
254 x 254 mm, 240pp
Jim Clark - life at team lotus

Peter Darley 2007 978 1902351285 A pictorial of Jim's life at Team Lotus from beginning to tragic premature end at that fateful Hockenheim F2 race.
Also a limited edition, ISBN 978 1 902351 29 2



314 x 310 mm

Jim Clark - A photographic portrait

Quentin Spurring 2008 978 1844255016 This superbly produced book brings Clark's career vividly to life through stunning images


282 x 232 mm

Jim Clark: Grand Prix Legend

Andrew Tulloch 2008 978 0297854401 His story is told here by the curator of the museum dedicated to his extraordinary exploits.


259 x 221 mm



1965: Jim Clark & Team Lotus. The UK Races 


William Taylor 2009 ISBN 9781902351360 This publication concentrates on just one season of Jim Clark's career, 1965. This was a very special year in the career of Jim Clark. In this season Clark showed his versatility by driving everything from Formula One to saloon cars and Indy 500 to sports-prototypes. He won more often than not, the high point being his victory at the Brickyard. This book looks at the events surrounding each outing and of course the races themselves.

Close to 200 never before published images from the Peter Darley Archive.

With new contributions from Jack Sears, Sally Swart (Stokes), Bob Dance and David Hobbs.

208pp. hardback, 250 x 250 mm

1965: Jim Clark & Team Lotus. The UK Races 

William Taylor 2009 ISBN 9781902351377


'Publishers Edition' of 1965: Jim Clark & Team Lotus (100 copies). Bound in black leather,  presented in a deluxe cloth covered 'clam-shell' case. Each book has the JC emblem embossed into the leather cover, the pages are gilt edged, and each copy has a silver silk ribbon marker. Each one of the 100 copies has been personally signed and numbered by the author William Taylor.
If you have come second you have lost, Winning the World Championship with Jim Clark.

Cedric Selzer 2013 ISBN:9781859604236 The book tells Cedric's story, from coming over from South Africa, getting work at Team Lotus and then becoming Jim Clark's mechanic in the World Championship year of 1963. The foreword is by Jackie Stewart.

There is a softback version and a hardback version, the latter is limited to 63 pieces. Number 63 of 63, signed by Jackie Stewart, was auctioned at Goodwood by Bonhams on the 14th of September 2013 and reached a very neat GBP 1.125!

It's 200 pages with 60 rare photos.
Jim Clark Racing Hero / Rennfahrerlegende

Graham Gauld 2014 ISBN-10: 3927458759
ISBN-13: 978-3927458758
Bilingual biography of Jim Clark written by his friend Graham Gauld. Hardcover, size 290 x 290 x 50 mm, 400 pages, 72 color and 253 b&w photos, text English and German.
Jim Clark, Tribute to a Champion

Eric Dymock 2017 ISBN-10: 095745855X
ISBN-13: 978-0957458550
Updated with additional information about the Jim Clark Trust (to which a royalty is donated on each copy sold) and museum and the images have been updated with plenty of colour included. The pictures are all quite small, but this is a book about text rather than photographs and is a fascinating read.

Celebrating the life and achievements of Jim Clark (1936-1968), Formula 1 World Champion 1963 and 1965, this book details his place in motor racing history and his total command at the wheel. Eric Dymock portrays him as an individual, nail-biting, insecure yet along with Juan Manuel Fangio the greatest driver ever. From a Scottish farming family Clark rewrote the annals of American racing at Indianapolis, second at his first attempt in 1963, winning in 1965. Seemingly equal to the odds of the most dangerous eight years at the top of motor racing, Clark died in an unlikely accident in a minor race at Hockenheim on April 7 1968. Genius at the wheel was not enough. Rivals' campaigns for safety saved countless lives on and off the track.

Eric Dymock first met Jim Clark when they were competing against each other on the Scottish Rally in 1955, at the time Clark had not yet sat in a racing car and Dymock hadnít started his career as a journalist. They became firm friends and this is a comprehensive biography of one of the all-time greats by someone very well placed.

Hardcover, 176 pages, English, size 218 x 18 x 290 mm