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Lotus Cortina books

Title Author Date ISBN Notes
Ford Cortina

Piet Olyslager 1962 n.a. The version that is shown is a 1969 reprint including the Lotus Cortina

Softback, 145 x 220 mm, 77pp

Including lubrication chart

Lotus - Ford
the story of a partnership

  1963 n.a. Published by Ford of Britain's Public Affairs Design Unit.

Booklet describing the development of the first Lotus Cortina (and in particular, the key people behind it - Colin Chapman, Jim Clark, Mike Costin & Keith Duckworth).    Gives the background to the car (both in relation to Ford's and Lotus's activities) through first-hand accounts.  

210 x 260 mm, 28pp

The Cassell book of the Ford Cortina

Sydney F. Page 1964 n.a. For the owner-driver this book, describes in simple terms the mechancial details and shows fully how to deal with all adjustments, repairs and maintenance work.

Hardback, 153pp

Ford Lotus Cortina 1962/66 Parts Manual

Ford Motor Company 1967 X 1676 0168 6 (??) Great reference for Mk.I cars worldwide including GT & Lotus. Excellent drawings.
Ford Cortina Workshop Manual 1962/1966

Ford Motor Company      
Ford Cortina Mk I Workshop Manual 1962/1966

Ford Lotus Cortina Parts Manual     X 1676 0043 4 Possibly for the Mark II
Cortina Parts Catalogue (Mk.I and Mk.II editions)
Ford Australia     It is a great reference as drawings of every part of a Cortina are included. The book also covers all model modifications over the life of the cars and gives dates when certain parts changed.
All about your Cortina Mk I

Peter Russek      
Cortina Owners Workshop Manual (1962-66)

Philip H Smith   0 85147 154 4 Covers Ford Cortina 1200, 1500, 1558, G.T. Super and Lotus
Cortina Owners Workshop Manual (1967-1968)


Philip H Smith 1968 0 85147 142 0
Good condensed coverage of Mk.II series 1 including GT & Lotus; uses Ford drawings.
The Ford book of plus performance

  1969 n.a. Lists all the works goodies available to the public. Some part numbers given, lots of photos. Many photos of the East African Safari Rally
The Ford book of plus performance, Escort and Cortina edition

  1970 n.a. Lists all the works goodies available to the public. Some part numbers given, lots of photos. Many photos of the East African Safari Rally.
Ford Cortina Tuning for Power and Performance

Jim Gavin 1972 0 85140 208 9  
Ford Cortina Mk I and Corsair 1500

J.H. Haynes 1972 n.a. Owners Workshop manual

Softback, 210 x 268 mm, 128pp

High Performance Lotus Cortina Mk2 Workshop Manual

Ford of Britain ? 1 85520 146 1
Softback, 210 x 290mm. 300 pp.

Reprint of the Ford Lotus Cortina workshop manual. Does actually cover the 67-68 cars (i.e. the three rail transmission) too. Most pages are reprinted two to a page, sideways.

Autodata Car Repair Manual

David Penn 1980 0 85666 044 2 All-round manual with loads of illustrations.
Lotus Cortina 1963-1970

various   0 907 073 743 Collected road tests and articles.
Lotus Cortina Gold Portfolio 1963-1970

various   1 85520 045 7 Collected road tests and articles.
The Sporting Fords Volume 1: Cortinas

Graham Robson 1982 0 900549 68 8 Hardback, 240 x 188 mm, 112pp
Ford Cortina Mk. I

Jonathan Wood 1984 0 85045 579 0 Hardback, 190 x 220 mm, 136pp
Lotus: the Elan Cortina & Europa

Newton & Psulkowski 1986 0 8306 2106 7 Hardback, 196 x 242 mm, 132 pp.
Classic and Sportscar: Ford File Graham Robson 1987 0 600 55209 8 Has some great colour Lotus Cortina photos.
Ford Cortina MkI

Jonathan Wood 1994 0 9512523 8 0 Softback, 183 x 208 mm, 136pp

Reprint of the original Osprey Wood book.

Ford Lotus Cortina I and II various 1998 X 418 00113 7 Collected road tests and articles.
Ford Cortina Mk 1 (Inc lotus) Vol 1 various 1998 1 85847 075 7 Collected road tests and articles.
Ford Cortina Mk 1 (Inc lotus) Vol 2 various 1998 1 85847 367 5 Collected road tests and articles.
Ford Lotus Cortina

      Collected road tests and articles.

Softback 210 x 290 mm. 74 pp

Cortina - The story of Ford's best-seller

Graham Robson 1998 9781874105985 In the 1960s the Cortina was an entirely new type of British car, light yet strong, cheap to buy yet roomy. It established a new class of car - the Cortina Class - and Fords rivals had to rush to compete. Not only was the Cortina the first, it was the best, too; a fascinating, ever-evolving project around which Ford-Europe's planning always revolved.

Here, for the first time in a book, are all the facts, figures, images and legends of the Cortina story.

hardcover, 144 pp, 260 x 213 mm

Cortina - The story of Ford's best-seller

Graham Robson 2008 9781845841430 re-edition 2008, paperback, 160 pp,  250 x 207 mm
Fast Fords, Corsair GT40 Lotus Cortina various   X 418 00014 9 Collected road tests and articles.
Lotus Cortina

      Softback, 210 x 297mm. 72 pp.

With roadtests and servicing information on the Lotus-Ford Cortina

Lotus Cortina

Colin Pitt 2009   Softback

With roadtests and servicing information on the Lotus-Ford Cortina


Lotus Cortina

R.M. Clarke 2009 978-1588500786 Softback, 274 x 208 mm, 160pp

Roadtest portfolio

Lotus Cortina

  2010 ISBN-10: 6131705232
ISBN-13: 9786131705236
The content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Paperback, English, size 22 x 15 x 0.8 cm
The Lotus Cortina shooting brake

Bob Herzog 2013 ISBN-10: 1493509195 ISBN-13:
A semi-humourous and semi-technical account of the restoration of an English Ford/Lotus Cortina Estate Wagon. This is the full color version. There is also a black and white version available.

From the same author: Europa Euphoria

Paperback, 106 pages, size 229 x 152 x 60 mm
Twin Cam Lotus Cortina

Colin Pitt 2014 ISBN-10: 0957194080 The Ford Lotus Cortina, designated the Type 28, was produced from 1963 to 1970. This book looks at these cars including Jim Clark’s Lotus Cortina (550 VAR) and other significant cars. It also looks at the twincam engine used in the Lotus Cortina. The Lotus Cortina Mark II Series 1 and the Lotus Cortina Mark II Series 2 are also featured and the differences between them illustrated.

86 pages paperback, size 255 x 195 mm, 82 b/w illustrations

Works Cortina, Capri & Corsair in Detail

Graham Robson 2016 ISBN-10: 1906133719
ISBN-13: 978-1906133719
Following his outstandingly successful books Works Escorts in Detail and Works Triumphs in Detail, rally veteran and historian Graham Robson now tackles the story of Ford's emergence during the 1960s as a leader in international saloon car competition, whether in race or rally, beginning with the Mark 1 Cortina in 1962. Walter Hayes was the driving force behind this push forward. It was he who enlisted Colin Chapman to create the Lotus-Cortina, he who had bold ideas like entering the Safari Rally and the London-Sydney Marathon, he who brought in Alan Mann Racing to wipe the board in touring car racing, he who attracted top-flight drivers like Roger Clark, Jim Clark, Graham Hill and Pat Moss, and he who inspired Ford's quite dazzling success in national and international competition. The career of every works Mark I and Mark II Cortina, Lotus-Cortina, Capri and Corsair is individually recounted in this book, with contemporary action photographs and listings of events entered, results and drivers, along with accounts of performances in rallies and races. In addition there are specially commissioned colour photographs of a number of surviving works cars, which have been shot in considerable detail. For fans of the race and rally Fords of these glory days, as well as for motor sport enthusiasts, this book is pure treasure.

Hardcover: 204 pages
Language: English

Size: 269 x 22.9 x 269 mm