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Lotus Elite books

Title Author Date ISBN Notes
Lotus Elite, Profile No. 48

David Phipps 1967 none Folded & stapled paper,

174 x 236mm, 12 pp.

The original Lotus Elite, Racing Car for the Road


Dennis Ortenburger 1977 0 930880 01 3 Softback, 279 x 216 mm, 136pp.
Lotus Elite 1957-64

various 1981? 0 907 073 662 Collected road tests and articles.

Softback, 200 x 270mm, 104pp.

Lotus: The Elite, Elan, Europa

Chris Harvey 1982 0 902280 85 6 Hardback, 217 x 257 mm, 234 pp.
Lotus File - Seven, Elite, Elan Europa

Mark Hughes 1987 0 600 552207 1 Hardback, 227 x 296 mm, 111 pp.
The Lotus Elite

Dennis Ortenburger 1990 1 85260 100 0 Update on "The original Lotus Elite"

Hardback,  174 x 244 mm, 256pp

1961 Lotus Elite Tadashi Morita 1990 4 544 04035 3 Text in Japanese, many illustrations and photographs.
Lotus Elite 1957 - 1964

various 1996 none Collected road tests and articles.

Softback,  210 x297 mm, 76 pp.

Lotus Elite, limited edition

various   1 85520 5475 Collected road tests and articles.

Softback, 200 x 270 mm, 92 pp.

Lotus Cars, Super Seven, Elan & Elite ? 2000 X 418 00022 X  
Lotus Elite, Racing car for the road

Dennis Ortenburger 2002 1 902351 03 7 Every fascinating stage of the Lotus Elite Type 14 is explored in this fully comprehensive book, from conception, through production to the buying public, as well as, success both on and off the racetrack.

208 pp full colour, 30x30cm, 400  pictures, drawings and photographs.

The signed and numbered Special Editions are limited to one per CBU produced, and numbered accordingly. The SE is presented in a Perspex slipcase complete with a reproduction Coventry Climax Godiva badge. Each SE book is distinguished by a numbered facsimile chassis plate that has been stamped with a chassis number and personally signed by the Author.

The original Lotus Elite, Racing Car for the Road

Dennis Ortenburger 2007 1876953430 Softback, 280 x 203mm, 138pp

Reprint of the original work (1977)but includes a new cover and several new pictures. It is otherwise unchanged, but for a vastly superior method of binding, so the book can be appreciated in its original format without it falling apart in one’s hands as did the 1977 edition.

The red leather driving gloves

Dennis Ortenburger 2009 1-4363-6969-X (Paperback)

1-4363-6970-3 (Hardback)

Ever wonder what it was like racing a Lotus Elite in the early days? Author Ortenburger answers that question in his new novel, The Red Leather Driving Gloves.

Set in Southern California in 1965 the story is about two young men who go sports car racing in new Lotus Elites. Against the backdrop of sex, drugs, rock and roll, Vietnam and Castrol R the two men set off on a never to be forgotten adventure that leads to danger, lies, intrigue and tragedy.
The Lotus 14 technical analyses and manual addendum

Kees Houtzager 2014  

After many years of hard work, this book by a Dutch author was finished by the end of 2013.

Lots of (technical) background information covering the Lotus Type 14

Production of this book was based on the initial orders, so just 60 copies have been printed.

210 x 210 mm, 275 pp