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Books on Lotus in general

Title Author Date ISBN Notes
Lotus - The First Ten Years

Ian Smith 1958 none Hardback, 195 x 250 mm, 144pp.
Lotus - The First Ten Years Ian Smith 1960 none reprint, 132pp
Lotus - The Story of the Marque

Ian Smith 1961 none 2nd edition of The First Ten Years, updated to 1960

Hardback, 190 x 252 mm, 176pp.

Guide to component cars

J.H. Haynes 1966   A detailed and well illustrated book with a general introduction and chapter on the building, registering and running in of a component car. The main part of the book is devoted to specific cars, with a chapter on each model. Described are (for us Lotus nuts) the Elite, Seven and Elan

Hardback, 220 x 145 mm, 96pp.

The Story of Lotus Ian Smith 1968 none Update to Lotus - The First Ten Years


The Story of Lotus, 1947-1960 Birth of a Legend

Ian Smith 1970 0 900549 10 6 Updated edition of The Story of the Marque

2nd Edition 1976

Hardback, 185 x 246 mm, 192pp.

The Story of Lotus, 1947-1960 Birth of a Legend Ian Smith 1970 8376-0048-0 American edition


The Story of Lotus, 61-71: Growth of a Legend

Dough Nye 1972 0 900549 15 7 With colour pictures.

Hardback, 189 x 247 mm, 288pp.

The Story of Lotus, 61-71: Design Revolution Dough Nye 1976 0 8376 0051 0 Same as above but in Yellow dustwrapper & monochrome pictures.

Hardback, 190 x 245 mm, 288pp.

Lotus, Car Graphic Library No. 17

Shigemi Kanda 1972 0353 42172 5702 Japanese text, mainly photographic; should include leaflet with english translation of picture captions.

Softback with dustcover

140pp, 148 x 221 mm

Lotus Story

P. Camus 1978 none Text in French

175 x255 mm

Softback, 128 pp.

Lotus Story Gerard Crombac     Text in French
The Lotus 1978

various 1978 X 333 01339 4 Text in Japanese

Softback, 260 x 245 mm, 134pp


Tatsuro Sasaki 1980   Text in Japanese, all models untill 1980, lots of images, also some information about Lotus books and miniature models

Softback, 209 x 257 mm, 146pp.

Lotus - A competition survey of the sports, GT and touring cars

Chris Harvey 1980 0 85045 367 4 Hardback, 195 x 255 mm, 192pp.
Lotus - A competition survey of the sports, GT and touring cars Chris Harvey 1999 1 903088 01 1 Reprint
Lotus: The Complete Story Chris Harvey 1982 0 85429 298 5 Hardback, 174 x 240 mm, 136pp.
Lotus Toute L'Histoire

Gerard Crombac 1983 2 85120 179 4 Text in French

Softback, 190 x130 mm,  69pp.

The Third Generation Lotuses

Graham Robson 1983 0 900549 82 3 Hardback, 238 x 189 mm, 144pp.
Lotus, Neko historic car books 1

Shigemi Kanda 1984 4 87366 044 0 Japanese text, lots of images (many B/W)

Softback, 240 x 255 mm, 120pp.

Motor and Thoroughbred & Classic Cars on Lotus

various 1984? 0 946489 56 4 Softback, 200 x 270 mm, 100pp.
Road & Track on Lotus 1972-1983

various 1984? 0 946 489 033 Softback, 200 x 270 mm, 88pp.
Colin Chapman, The Man and his Cars

Jabby Crombac 1986 0 85059 773 1  
Colin Chapman, Der Mann und seine Autos Jabby Crombac ? ? Text in German.
Illustrated Lotus Buyers Guide

Graham Arnold 1986 0 87938 217 1 Softback, 187 x 234 mm, 160pp.
Illustrated Lotus Buyers Guide

Graham Arnold 1993 0 87938 778 5 Second edition,

Softback, 187 x 234 mm, 176pp.

Colin Chapman, L'épopée Lotus en Formule 1 Jabby Crombac 1987 2 13 0400124 French text. Has colour section. No English version.
Theme Lotus 1956-1986, From Chapman to Ducarouge

Doug Nye 1986 0 947981 09 8 Second Edition
Colin Chapman's Lotus,The early years, The Elite and origins of the Elan

Robin Read 1989 8 85429 703 0 All the everyday details of life at Lotus over 3 years.

Hardback, 214 x 276 mm, 335pp.

Lotus All The Cars

Anthony Pritchard 1990 0 946627 62 2 Published as two versions: standard, and a limited edition of 200 copies had a plate added with signatures of author, Mario Andretti, Innes Ireland, Stirling Moss, Roy Salvadori, John Surtees.

Hardback, 205 x 277 mm, 224 pp.

Lotus All The Cars

Anthony Pritchard 1991 4 87687 118 3 Japanese text.
Lotus All The Cars Anthony Pritchard 1992 0 946627 62 2 2nd Edition with small corrections from 1st.

Hardback, 205 x 277 mm, 224pp.

Lotus Drivers Guide

Eugène van Herpen Ronald Ringma 1991 none Made for Lotus Club Holland, listing of all specialists in England

Softback, 105 x 185 mm, 114 pp

This is our own book! Very few copies are still available....

Lotus All The Cars


Anthony Pritchard 1992 0 946627 62 2 2nd Edition with small corrections from 1st.
Lotus, World Car Guide 8

Various 1993 4 87366 098 X Japanese text, but many excellent pictures.

Softback, 145 x 210 mm, 186pp.

The Lotus

Graham Robson 1993 0 7478 0217 3 Softback. 150 x 210 mm, 32pp.


Colin Chapman Lotus Engineering Hugh Haskell 1993 1 85532 376 1 A semi-technical discussion of Chapman's & Lotus's designs.

Hardback, 201 x 276 mm, 190pp.

Colin Chapman Lotus Engineering

Hugh Haskell 1998 1 85532 872 0 Paperback reissue of same title.


Tony Rudd - it was fun!

Tony Rudd 1993   Hardback, 160 x 240mm. 352 pp.
Lotus Since the 70s Volume 1, Elite, Eclat, Excel and Elan

Graham Robson 1993 0 947981 70 5 Update of The Third Generation Lotuses

Hardback, 240 x 185 mm, 128 pp.

Lotus Since the 70s Volume 2, Esprit, Etna and V8 engines

Graham Robson 1993 0 947981 69 1 Update of The Third Generation Lotuses

Hardback, 240 x 185 mm, 128 pp.

Lotus, the illustrated motorcar legends

Roy Bacon 1995 1 85778 147 3 Hardback, 243 x 305mm, 96pp.
Lotus, the illustrated motorcar legends


Roy Bacon   1 85648 230 8 Reprint, produced for Moa Beckett in New Zealand, Coles in Canada and Booksales in New York
Lotus Heritage, Osprey Classic Marques


Ian Adcock 1995 1 85532 508 X Soft back.

205 x 225 mm. 144 pp


various     Compilation by  Unique Motor Books

205 x 290 mm. Soft cover, 72 pp.

Lotus Cars

various 1996?   Compilation of road tests and other magazine articles 1957 - 1969. Earlier copies have spine binding with card F&R covers.
Lotus - The Legend

David Hodges 1997 0 75252 074 1 Hardback, 260 x 201 mm, 80pp.
Lotus - La légende

David Hodges 1999 2876773740 French language edition

Hardback, 260 x 201 mm, 80pp.

The Lotus Book William Taylor 1998 1 902351 00 2 Every model of Lotus in 50 years, also published in two limited editions of 100 and 50 copies.
The Lotus Book - Series Two 

William Taylor 1999 1 902351 00 2 Second edition, with minor updates and some new photographs.
The Lotus Book - Series Three

William Taylor 2004 1 902351 13 4 Third edition, with updates and new photographs, 50 extra pages

hardback, 305 x 300 mm, 316 pp

Also a boxed and signed Limited Edition of  500 copies,
ISBN 1 902351 17 7.

Also a boxed and signed leather bound Publishers Edition of  50 copies,
ISBN 1 902351 23 1.


Graham J. Arnold 1998 0 7509 1865 9 Softback, 170 x 245mm, 160 pp.
Lotus - Historic half century 1948-1998


Graham Capel 1998 0 9525732 0 2 Softback.

300 x210 mm, 78 pp.

The Lotus Register of South Africa

Jeff Wolfson 1999   The Lotus Register of South Africa published a book, describing it as their "Millennium" publication. They decided to print a limited number of copies and all copies were sold out. 80 Pages., paperback, no dust jacket issued, A5 size, colour and black-and-white illustrations. A small book about Lotus in South Africa including racing.
The Lotus Book Collectables


William Taylor 2000 1 902351 01 0 Companion to the volume describing the cars, this covers scale models, brochures, adverts, badges, etc.
Colin Capman, Wayward Genius

Mike Lawrence 2002 1859832784 hardback

160 x240 mm. 255 pp.

Lotus, the early years



P. Ross 2004 978 1 902351 148 The story of the creation of Lotus by the group of people who worked alongside Colin Chapman at the very beginning. Covering the years 1951–1954. Including photographs and sketches from the personal albums and drawing boards of those who were there during these historic years.

Hardback 28x28cm

Also a limited edition, ISBN 978 1 902351 186

The Lotus Book, type 1 to type 72

Colin Pitt 2005 1 84155 623 8 Coverage of Colin Chapman's road cars, Indianapolis cars and Formula 1/2/3 cars. Indept look at the Lotus 25, 49 and 56 models.

144 pp, 26 x 26 cm hardback

The Lotus Book, type 1 to type 72

Colin Pitt 2005 978-0-9576664-7-4 Same as the above, limited edition leather bound.

Coverage of Colin Chapman's road cars, Indianapolis cars and Formula 1/2/3 cars. Indept look at the Lotus 25, 49 and 56 models.

144 pp, 26 x 26 cm hardback

APX, aluminium performance crossover

Lotus Engineering 2006   This book was a limited run print and copies were given to Lotus staff involved in the project along with other motor industry staff to showcase Lotus' abilities at the unveiling of the car at the 2006 Geneva Motor Show.

It is packed full of design sketches, drawings, photo's of the build of both clay and full size models, CAD drawings, everything that went in to the process of designing a concept vehicle.

Lotus passion

Emmanuel Joucla er Lionel Fontenier 2006   Hardback

255 x255 mm. 240 pp

Word Car Guide 19 - Lotus

  2006 4 7770 5163 3 Softback with dustcover, text almost all in Japanese, lots of excellent images (some of these we have seen before in other books).

Covers Lotus cars from the 1950's untill 2006 with short descriptions and images.

Nice addition for any Lotus books collection.

145 x 210 mm, 207pp

Lotus: a genius for innovation

R. Hayes 2007 978 1 84425 2497 Hardback, 270 x 210mm, 160pp, 120 colour & 40 b&w illustrations.
Beginning with Colin Chapman and his Austin Seven Special (the first Lotus), this book traces the development of the company and its cars through half a century of pioneering sports car production to the latest models and beyond. Supported by driving impressions, technical information and buying advice.
Classic Car Buyers Guide

  2008   The buying guides in every issue of Classic Car Weekly have proven to be popular. This book has brought together just some of these guides to Britain's  more popular classics in one handy reference book. Including Elan and Elite.

148 pp, soft cover, colour throughout.

Lotus (Blazers)

Jameson Anderson 2008 1429612800 Simple text and colourful photographs describe the history and models of Lotus.

32 pp, 231 x 175 mm


Lotus, l'eloge des sports cars

Larry Wilcox 2008 978 2 7268 8750 9 Hardback, French language, covers all Lotus cars. Very nice pictures.
Lotus Album

Rod Ward and Hans Nordström 2010 ISBN10: 1900482649
ISBN12: 9781900482646
An Auto review on Lotus Cars from Lotus 7 through to it's return in Formula One, 32pp, paperback, 100 illustations
Colin Chapman: Inside the Innovator

Karl Ludvigsen 2010 ISBN-10:
Colin Chapman was one of the greatest ever creative forces in the automotive world but he left behind a mixed legacy. Was he an unparalleled innovator who advanced the state of the art of sports and racing cars? Or was he an uninhibited exploiter of the uncredited ideas of others? In death as well as life Colin Chapman excites fevered debate about his achievements and methods. Now Karl Ludvigsen gets to grips with the legend, digging deep beneath the skin of Chapman and his cars to explore and expose the motivations that drove this mercurial genius.

Caroline Gaudriault and Gérard Rancinan 2010   Softcover piece of art, a book that is filled with photographs and with some text.

Presented to vip guests of Lotus in Los Angeles, November 12th 2010

limited production of 400 books.

Lotus Mark VI

Frederic P. Miller, Agnes F. Vandome, John McBrewster 2010 ISBN-10:
English, based on Wikipedia srticles, paperback, 68 pages, size: 22 x 15 x 0.4 cm
Lotus Legends, from Seven to Evora

various 2011 ISBN-10:
Featuring road tests and buying guides for the greatest Lotus sports cars of the last 60 years. Brought to you by the teams of evo and Octane magazines, this celebratory MagBook features Lotus' ranging from the original Lotus Seven to the very latest Elise and Evora models, the John Player Specials, an interview with legend Gordon Murray, and brings together the very best articles and thrilling action shots from both magazines to provide an overview of the Lotus most admired models.

Softback, 228 pages,
28.2 x 22 x 1.4 cm
The Classic Team Lotus Festival Album

various 2011   Classic Team Lotus has published a book covering the Classic Team Lotus Festival held at Snetterton in the year 2010. A photo book covering all the best bits. You will find 72 pages of photos of the greatest ever gathering of Team Lotus Formula One cars, the 20th June 2010, brought together with the support of enthusiastic owners from around the World.
Lotus Cars

  2011 ISBN-10:
ISBN-13: 9781233158706
The content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online.

Paperback, 24 pages, English, size: 24.6 x 18.9 x 0.1 cm
Team Lotus: My View from the Pitwall

Peter Warr
2012 ISBN-10:
The late Peter Warr, who died in October 2010, had two spells of management with Team Lotus: 1969-76 and 1981-89. After Colin Chapman died in December 1982, he became the team's boss and in the years that followed his drivers included Nigel Mansell and Ayrton Senna.

He was one of Colin Chapman's closest allies as well as the man who nurtured the early Formula 1 careers of Ayrton Senna and Nigel Mansell. Frank, informative and beautifully written, his memoir remained unfinished at the time of his death in 2010, but the bulk of his work was done and thankfully can be published. This long-awaited inside story, which is of particular interest for its author's thoughts on Chapman and all the drivers he worked with, will be relished by all motor racing enthusiasts.

Hardcover, 288 pages, size 22.9 x 15.2 x 1.5 cm


Robert Paquet
Denis Bernard
Nedzad Kamenica
Christian Papazoglakis
2012 ISBN-10:
Chapman is a French comic, covering the rise of Lotus to the Formula One world championship with Jim Clark, to the first victory for a rear-engine car in Indianapolis and its inventor Colin Chapman

Comic, 46 pages; Language: French, size 31,8 x 23,8 x 1,2 cm

These books also exist in hard- and softcover in the Dutch language.


Ian Walker - the man and his cars

Julian Balme 2012 ISBN-13
This exhaustive book looks chronologically at Ian Walkers life, the cars he built and raced, and the people that were part of his great adventure during the heady period of the 60’s, a time that began the transformation of motor racing into the business it has since become. His exceptionally high standards of preparation and presentation saw Ian Walker Racing universally recognised as the Lotus ‘B team’.

Hardcover, 208 pages, 400 images, Size 297x297mm
Chapman, issue 2

Robert Paquet
Denis Bernard
Nedzad Kamenica
Christian Papazoglakis
2012 ISBN-10:
Issue 2 in this series

Comic, French, hardcover, 48 pages, size 31,8 x 23,8 x 1,2 cm

These books also exist in hard- and softcover in the Dutch language.


Chapman, issue 3, Splendeur et drames


Robert Paquet
Denis Bernard
Nedzad Kamenica
Christian Papazoglakis
2013 ISBN-10:
Issue 3 in this series

Comic, French, hardcover, 48 pages, size 31,8 x 23,8 x 1,2 cm

These books also exist in hard- and softcover in the Dutch language.

Colin Chapman, the comic-strip biography

Robert Paquet
Denis Bernard
Nedzad Kamenica
Christian Papazoglakis
2013 ISBN-10:
This all-colour hardback tells Chapman's story in comic-strip form, with the focus on motor racing and in particular Lotus's Formula 1 achievements. Beautifully drawn and historically accurate, this brilliant book will enlighten and charm motorsport enthusiasts in equal measure.

Hardback, 300 x 230mm, 144 pages, 1020 color illustrations.

Porsche vs Lotus

Colin Crum 2014 ISBN-10:
From the series: Ultimate Car Battles

Library Binding, 32 pp, size 279 x 218 x 1 mm

The Lotus Book, Type 1 to Type 74

Colin Howard 2014 ISBN-10
Reference book on Lotus Cars 1948 to 1975. Included are some previously unseen photographs of both Jim Clark's personal Lotus Cortina and Jim Clark's personal Lotus Elan S3 that have not appeared in other books. Includes a collection of from a variety of sources, plus F1 racing records and specifications for each model.

Softcover, 154 pp, size 210 x 150 x 2.2 cm
Lotus, The Marque - The complete history of Lotus Cars

William Taylor 2015 ISBN-10: 1902351533
ISBN-13: 978-1902351537


After "the yellow book" that was first published in 1998 and revised in 1999 and 2004, a completely new book that follows the concept of the previous book, but now in chronological order rather than type number order, offering an in depth look at every model that was made by Lotus

Hardcover, 312 pages, over 1000 images, size 297 mm x 297 mm.

There is also a Limited Edition of LOTUS The Marque will be restricted to just 250 copies. Presented in a deluxe, cloth covered slipcase, each book will be signed and numbered by the author William Taylor.

And finally the Publishers' Edition that will be restricted to just 100 specially bound, signed and numbered copies. Presented in a cloth covered clamshell case, the PE is signed by the author William Taylor. In addition, the Publishers' Edition will include an additional 32-page booklet of exclusive detail images taken from the Coterie Images Lotus library.

(Images: courtesy of Coterie Press)

The history of the Lotus VI

Graham Capel 2015   This book is far more than the story of Colin Chapman's first 'production' Lotus of 1953. The book starts with the fabulously successful Austin 7 powered Lotus Mark III of 1951 and the innovative engineering of Colin Chapman and Michael & Nigel Allen when they formed Lotus Engineering Co. The Lotus Mark VI was the first space-frame chassis that they produced and was supposedly designed on a tablecloth in a transport café! By 1953 Mile Costin had joined Colin Chapman and the Lotus Mark VI began production as a customer kit car.

This hardback book of 225 pages is full of black and white period photographs.
Dahlstrom: Lotus The adverts

Dahlstrom/Kaulback/Taylor 2016   Artist Jon Dahlstrom grew up in a rural community in Southern California to become a scholarship student at the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles.

After graduating, he moved to San Francisco, earning his creative stripes in advertising agencies that worked with a wide variety of products and brand groups. As a freelance artist he worked for the Ad-Mil agency creating images for a series of advertisements for Lotus cars, funded by California Lotus dealer Ecurie Shirlee, to be placed in Road and Track magazine. These adverts ran from January 1963 to August 1965, and showcased eighteen of Jon’s characteristic tone art style images, in thirty different promotional pieces for the Lotus Elite and Elan. This series of adverts, with copy written by Jim Bottomley, have become instantly recognizable, iconic, pieces of Lotus ephemera.

This special edition book features reproduction of all twenty-nine advertisements that appeared in Road & Track magazine, with contemporary comments by Jon Dahlstrom. Also featured is a new image in the series created by Jon in 2016 for the 36th annual Lotus Owners Gathering (LOG36) in Princeton NJ.
A Life in Car Design - Jaguar, Lotus, TVR

Oliver Winterbottom 2017 ISBN-10: 1787110354
ISBN-13: 978-1787110359
A Life in Car Design gives a unique insight into design and project work for a number of leading companies in the motor industry, including Jaguar, Lotus, TVR and General Motors. The book recounts the author's experiences from within the industry, tracing the changes in the design process over a period of nearly 50 years, and follows his career at home and around the world. It shows how the change from imperial to metric measurements and the growing use of computers revolutionised the quality and accuracy of modern vehicles. It also covers the issues and challenges of meeting project targets, and some of the issues that can deflect those efforts. It features previously untold stories, and is thoughtfully illustrated with historical engineering drawings and photographs. As well as informing automobile enthusiasts it is also hoped that this book will inspire upcoming generations to consider a career in the creative field.

Hardcover: 176 pages
Language: English
Size: 20.7 x 1.9 x 25 cm
On a Global Mission: The Automobiles of General Motors International Volume 1: Opel, Vauxhall, Saab and Lotus from Europe

Louis F. Fourie 2017 ISBN-10: 1460296869
ISBN-13: 978-1460296868
Volume One traces the history of Opel and Vauxhall separately from inception through to the 1970s and thereafter collectively to 2015. Special attention is devoted to examining innovative engineering features and the role Opel has taken of providing global platforms for GM. Each model is examined individually and supplemented by exhaustive supporting specification tables.

The fascinating history of Saab and Lotus begins with their humble beginnings and examines each model in detail and looks at why these unusual marques came under the GM Banner. Included is a penetrating review of Saab through to its unfortunate demise.

Hardcover: 624 pages
Language: English
Size: 21.6 x 4.6 x 28 cm