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Lotus Seven brochures

Image Description Year
Lotus Seven

technical details on backside, the first Seven brochure ever.





Lotus Seven

6 pictures, text, 3 versions: Basic, Export and Super

228 x 155mm, 6pp



Lotus Seven

Specifications and images

Approx. 151 x 151 mm, folds out to 6 times its width, printed on all sides



Lotus Seven

"buy it in kit form and put it together over the weekend"

216 x 140 mm, folds out to 432 x 280 mm, printed on all sides





Seven brochure.

Rear page is detachable reply card to Lotus, Cheshunt, for demonstration run. Has been a magazine insert.  Car priced at £599.

152x152mm, 4pp

Factory produced sales catalogue on a Series 2 1340 cc Cosworth engine Super 7 and road test factory demonstrator at the time 8843 AR.

Has nine photographs of the Super Seven and a comprehensive road test and specification on the Super 7 with mention of different engine options including Ford 100E, Ford 105E, BMC "A" Series, Coventry Clkimax FWA and Ford 109E.

210 X 280 mm 




Cortina, Elan S2, Seven

This is a little brochure, that asks the reader inquire for further details, by filling out the back form, and sending to: Lotus Cars Ltd. Delamare Road- Cheshunt- Herts- Waltham Cross 26181

50X127 mm (folded)



Lotus Seven

Specifications and pricelist on the back, inclusive list of extra's

280 x 220 mm, 2 pp



Lotus Seven

1 page leaflet




A brochure for the 'Seven GT' gullwing hardtop by Fibrepair Ltd. With this the Seven was eligible to enter GT races.  


Seven S3 sales brochure for the Netherlands.

200×158mm, 4pp



Folder, Seven Series 4, The Individualist. With 3 specifications sheets.

230×288mm, 4pp



Seven S4 owners handbook



Lotus Seven, Continental Promotions (Willem Boterman). Sales brochure for the Netherlands. Various types of Super Seven kits.

100×210mm, 6pp



Super Seven SIII

1 sheet information poster, produced in the early 1970's just after Caterham took over the production of the Seven. Printed on one side.

297 x 210 mm, folds out to 4 times its size.