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Lotus clubs in the USA


Club Elite North America Mike Ostrov, 6238 Ralston Avenue, Richmond
CA 94805, USA
Club Lotus LA no address known to us
Club Lotus Northwest PO Box 541, Oregon City, OR 97045
Evergreen Lotus Car Club PO Box 40481, Bellevue, WA 98015-4481, USA
Golden Gate Lotus Club PO Box 117303, Burlingame, California USA 94011
Great Lakes Lotus Ltd. no address known to us
Lotus Club of Conn. 12 Wake Robin Road Westport,
CT 06880, USA
Lotus Corps 42W824 Robin Lane, Hampshire,
IL 60140-8829, USA
Lotus Eleven Register 233 Eighth Street, West Palm Beach,
Florida 33401, USA
Tel (561) 655-4510
E-mail jaysloane@aol.com
Lotus Formula Ford Register c/o John Mihalich, Jr.
PO Box 1138
Craig,  CO   81626-1138   USA
(970) 824-8001 (Voice)
(970) 824-3737 (Fax)
Email lffr@hotmail.com
Lotus Limited P.O. Box L, College Park, MD 20741, U.S.A.
24-hour voice/fax line: (301) 982-4054
Lotus Owners Of New York no address known to us
Lotus Owners Of Phoenix no address known to us
Lotus Owners Oftha North (LOON),  Minnesota Contact: Tim Engel
 350 Townes Rd Wayzata,
 MN 55391-1327
Lotus West P.O Box 75972, Los Angeles, CA, USA 90075
New England Lotus Lovers, Inc. 6 School Street Byfield, Ma  01922, USA
E-mail: President@NELLI.org
North American Lotus Eleven Register 16 Madoc Street, Newton Centre,
Massachusetts, MA 02159, USA
Tel + 1 617 9652058, Fax + 1 617 9650761
St. Louis Area Lotus Lovers (STALLS) no address known to us
Texas Lotus Club no address known to us