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Lotus Type 127


Lotus Cosworth T127

This was a car developped by Lotus Racing. So not a 'Lotus made by Lotus'. After purchasing the Team Lotus name, Lotus Racing changed to this name at the start of the 2011 season.

period: 2010

engine: V8 Cosworth CA2010

Chassis : carbon fibre
Bodywork : carbon fibre
Front Suspension : carbon fibre
Rear suspension : carbon fibre
Dampers : Penske
Gearbox : X-trac
Steering : Lotus
Clutch : AP carbon multi plate
Discs : Hitco
Calipers : AP
Pads : Hitco
Cooling system : Lotus
Cockpit instrumentation : MES
Seat Belts : Sparco SA Belt
Steering Wheel : Lotus
Driver's seat : Lotus
Extinghuisher system : FEV
Wheels : BBS to Lotus spec
Fuel cell : ATL
Battery : Yuasa
Wheel base : more than 3000 mm
Length : N.A.
Height : 950 mm