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Lotus MkVII

  The "forgotten" Mark VII

The original Lotus Mark VII was different from what you see on this page....

Read the story of this car, written by Peter Ross!  Click here.



Seven S1

period: 1957 - 1960

engine: Ford 1.172cc/48 bhp, Coventry Climax 1.098cc/75 bhp, BMC 948cc/37 bhp

# made: approximately 250 built and sold


Lotus Seven S2 Seven S2

period: 1960 - 1968

engine: Ford 1.172cc/48 bhp, BMC 948cc/40 bhp, Ford 997cc/39 bhp, Ford Cosworth 1.340cc/90 bhp, Ford 1.498cc/66 bhp, Ford Cosworth 1.498cc/95 bhp

# made: approximately 1.370 built and sold


Lotus Seven S3 Seven S3

period: 1968 - 1970

engine: Ford 1.598cc/84 bhp, Ford 1.598cc/120 bhp, Lotus 1.558cc/115 bhp, Lotus 1.558cc/125 bhp

# made: approximately 380 built and sold


Lotus Seven S4 Seven S4 (type 60)

period: 1970 - 1973

engine: Ford 1.598cc/84 bhp, Lotus 1.558cc/115 bhp, Lotus 1.558cc/125 bhp

# made: at least 600 built

Note: Caterham S4 was introduced in august 1973 and production stopped in 1974, 38 cars were produced in fully-built or component form.



period: 1974 - today