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Lotus Cortina

Lotus Cortina MkI Crayford

Lotus Cortina MkI (Type 28)

period: 1963 - 1966

engine: 1588 cc twin cam

# made: 2988 (inclusive 97 racing cars)

Ford wanted a saloon capable of going racing, Lotus wanted to sell some engines, and the result was the Lotus Cortina.

The combination was highly succesfull on the track and fast on the road. Today the MkI, particulary with the early aluminium bodypanels, is a collectors item.


Lotus Cortina MkI Crayford Lotus Cortina MkI Crayford

As far as I know there was no Mk I Lotus Cortina converted by Crayford, but they did convert 52 "normal" MkI's of which 12 remained in England, 40 cars have been exported. If you have any information, it is more than welcome!

Lotus Cortina MkII

Cortina Lotus MkII

period: 1967 - 1970

engine: 1588 cc twin cam

# made: 4093

No longer 'Ford made by Lotus', but made at the assembly line at the Ford Factory in Dagenham. Less Lotus, more Ford, makes this car not as wanted as the MkI version.

The Mark II turned out to be a much more reliable car.


Lotus Cortina MkII Crayford front

Lotus Cortina MkII Crayford back

Lotus Cortina MkII Crayford

Crayford produced 23 of these, 20 being called 'convertible' with the hood folding down on the back parcel shelf, 3 are called 'cabriolet'  where the rear seat was narrowed to allow the hood to be stowed completely out of sight.



Image of the LuMo 1600E brochure, as we did not find an image of the actual car.

Lumo 1600E TC

period: 1967 - 1970

engine: 1588 cc twin cam

# made: ?

The LuMo 1600E TC was a 1600E with a Lotus-Cortina twin-cam engine slotted in, distributed by Lumo Cars Ltd.