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Lotus Eterne



Lotus Eterne (concept)

period: 2015 -

This new 4 door 4 seater was introduced at the Paris Motorshow 2010.

Engine 5.0 litre V8, based on the Lexus IS-F engine
Power 620 PS / 720 Nm
0-100 km/h 4.0 seconds
Top speed 315 km/h
Weight 1.800 kg
Seats 4
Transmission full hybrid transmission
Drive RWD, all wheel drive is an option
Length 4.98 m
Height 1.43 m
Width 1.90 m

Production is expected to start early 2015. The price in England will be circa 120.000

Hybrid technology will be used: hybrid gearbox with integrated electric motors and KERS