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Lotus Europa - derivatives


Introduced in 1969.  This car was a one of, produced by Nettlefold and Moser GKN Group to show their technical ability to build a car.

The car looks very similar to an early Europa, but it is much lower. Also notice the front wheel arches and the engine cover that is slightly higher. The car had Formula 1 Lotus suspension and a Rover V8 engine with close to 300 BHP. Topspeed 180 mph.

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Else Europa

Introduced in 1969. Lotus dealer J.A. Else & Son offered a 5 stage tuning kit for the Europa S2, within weeks after this car was announced. The stages involved fitting items like a 45DCOE Weber carburettor on a cast alloy inlet manifold, a "tuned" 4-2-1 exhaust manifold, special camshaft anf gear, alloy wheels with Avon tyres, customised paintwork, close ration gearbox, oil cooler, 2nd fuel tank.

'cruising at 120 mph was a sheer joy'

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Hispano-Aleman Castilla

Prototype made in Spain in 1972

GS Europa

Introduced 15 October 1975 and based on the Europa TC.

GS Lotus Centre in Bristol designed a car that looked like the design of the Italian coachbuilders in these days.

We do not know how many of these cars have been made.

The first picture is from the original press release that we have on file, the other pictures are cars that have been offered for sale on Ebay

Hermes Europa

Hermes cars was a Renault tuning specialist who offered engine and chassis conversions, either done by them or sold as tuning parts.This was during the early 1970's

The drawing is a copy taken from the Hermes brochure

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