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Lotus Exos

Lotus Exos (Type 125)

period: 2011

engine: Cosworth GPV8, 650 bhp

# made: 2 (this car never sold, just 2 prototypes)

Is this the ultimate track car? It is based on a Formula One car and uses F1 technology and a Cosworth V8 engine. The car looks like one of the 2009/2010 F1 cars.

With a weight of 560 kg and with the Cosworth GPV8 engine producing 650 BHP this car gives the driver the feeling of driving a Formula One car. The engine should be good for 4.500 km before a rebuild is needed.

The chassis is a carbon fiber monocoque, carbon ceramic brakes and a carbon fiber pushrod suspension. In the cockpit we see more F1 technology, looking at the steering wheel with a screen and various buttons to adjust things while driving.

Lotus reveiled that according to plan there will be 25 Exos made in 2011 and the price will be around USD 1.000.000 each.