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Clan Crusader

The Clan Crusader is a fiberglass monocoque sports two-seater, powered by the Rootes Imp Sport engine, with suspension and mechanicals from the same manufacturer. Paul Haussauer and John Frayling designed in order of Colin Chapman the Lotus Europa and the Crusader was originally conceived as a follow-up. When Chapman didn't accept the plans, the two decided to start a business on their own.

The English government saw the good of their plans and gave them enough guaranties to open a little factory in Washington nearby Durham, where the Clan Crusader was built. Paul Haussauer formed the Clan Motor Company and developed a prototype vehicle, styled by John Frayling.

Initial production of the first few cars started in July 1971. Five cars a week were being produced. Approximately 350 cars were built by Clan Motor Company, some at the beginning being sold in component form. Due to the oil crisis and tax increses the company had to let go all the personnel in 1973. There is more to say about Clan, but that does not belong on this website.