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29 June 2012

Not all cars from the Olav Glasius collection have been sold during the Bonhams auction on 29 June 2012

Not all cars from the Olav Glasius collection have been sold during the Bonhams auction on 29 June 2012

After the auction Olav has to take some of his cars home, but you never know what deals can be made after the auction closes. And the goal he had, to get more space, has been reached. If you have a close look at some of the prices you can image that there must have been some very happy buyers at this auction, using the fact that most of the cars where offered with "no reserve".

  • 1954 Lotus-Climax Mk VI Chassis no. Mk6/24, sold for £48,300 inc. premium
  • The ex-Tony Page/Paul Emery,1955 Lotus-Climax Mk IX Sports-Racing Two-Seater Chassis no. 102, sold for £117,980 inc. premium
  • The Le Mans 24-Hours, Ex-works, Team Lotus, Cliff Allison/Keith Hall,1956 Lotus Eleven Le Mans Sports-Racing Roadster Chassis no. 211, sold for £152,700 inc. premium
  • The ex-Rod Carveth, Bev Spencer, Rosso Bianco Collection,1962 Lotus-Buick V8 Type 19 'Monte Carlo' Sports Racing Roadster Chassis no. 932,
    sold for £158,300 inc. premium
  • 1963 Lotus-BMW Type 23B Sports-Racing Two-Seater Chassis no. 23-S-85, sold for £102,300 inc. premium
  • The ex-Fred Wilkinson, Jan Deken, Hans Maasland, pioneering monocoque-chassised,,1963 Lotus-Ford Type 27 Racing Single-Seater Chassis no. 27/JM/6, sold for £101,180 inc. premium
  • The ex-Colin Vandervell,1967 Lotus-Ford Type 47 Competition Coupé Chassis no. 47GT48, sold for £74,300 inc. premium
  • 1969 Lotus-Ford Type 61 Formula Ford Racing Single-Seater Chassis no. 61M-X-F3-219, sold for £15,525 inc. premium
  • 1961 Zephyr 6-engineg Ford Thames Replica Lotus Cars Ltd. Van Chassis no. N400 VZ11012011, sold for £23,000 inc. premium
  • 2000 Lotus M250 full-size concept clay model, sold for £4,600 inc. premium
  • Left-hand drive,1962 Lotus Type 14 Elite Series II Coupé Chassis no. 1825, sold for £44,850 inc. premium
  • One of just 64 produced,1964 Lotus-Ford Consul Cortina Mk 1 Special Equipment Saloon Chassis no. Z74424363D, sold for £43,700 inc. premium
  • Left-hand drive,1968 Lotus Elan Series 4 SE Roadster Chassis no. 45/8395, sold for £36,800 inc. premium
  • Left-hand drive,1973 Lotus Elan +2 S130/5 two-plus-two Coupé Chassis no. 73LOT UL00130250, sold for £17,250 inc. premium
  • Left-hand drive,1981 Lotus Eclat Series 2 Coupé Chassis no. SCCB 832AHG10207, sold for £8,050 inc. premium
  • The unique left-hand drive, automatic transmission,1981 Lotus Elite 2.2 Automatic Coupé Chassis no. SCC 083-912AHH10240, sold for £9,200 inc. premium
  • Left-hand drive, 24,160kms and single ownership from new,1986 Lotus Type 82 Esprit Turbo Coupé Chassis no. SCC082910FHH10606, sold for £18,975 inc. premium

Not sold during the auction:

  • The ex-Tonio Hildebrand,1959 Lotus-Climax Seven Series 1 Chassis no. 804
  • 'The White Lotus' ex-Tip Cunane,1955 Lotus-MG Mk VIII Aerodynamic Sports-Racing Two-Seater Chassis no. MK6/2-1
  • The ex-Camoradi Team, Ian Burgess,1960-61 Lotus-Climax Type 18 Formula 1/Intercontinental Formula Racing Single-Seater Chassis no. 908
  • 1961 Lotus-Ford Type 20/22 Formula Junior Racing Single-Seater Chassis no. 20J-926
  • The NEC Birmingham Motor Show,1984 Lotus Etna V8 Berlinetta operational concept car Styling by Giorgetto Giugiaro/Italdesign
  • The Frankfurt Motor Show,1991 Lotus M200 Speedster fully operational concept car
  • 1983 Talbot Sunbeam Lotus Avon 'Hatchback' Saloon