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21 January 2014

New 1:12 scale Lotus Type 49 model

After 2 years of development Automodello (www.automodello.com) will produce a 1967 Lotus Type 49 1:12 scale model this year. It will be a run of 499 models only.

This is the press information that I did receive:

Exciting news for serious motorsport collectors is that this summer Automodello will be releasing its first ever 1:12 scale release: Jim Clark’s 1967 Lotus 49 (Ref. AM12-CTL-49-JC). The model will capture the car, designed by Colin Chapman, as it stormed to victory in its debut race at the 1967 Dutch Grand Prix.

Automodello’s inaugural venture into 1:12 scale will be just as breathtaking. The model, being produced under new license with Classic Team Lotus, will be of museum quality and the level of mechanical detail at this scale will be nothing short of extraordinary.

Built and finished to the exacting standards collectors have come to expect from an Automodello model, the 1:12 Lotus 49 will feature precision formed air inlet gauzing, pliable racing tires with accurate tread pattern, an astonishingly accurate scale replica of the engine consisting of over 100 separate parts and incredibly intricate detail to the brake lines.

The model has a suggested retail of $899.95 with an included display cover. The model is available from Diecasm (www.diecasm.com) and select Automodello dealers.

Jim Cowen, CEO of Automodello will have a prototype available for viewing during visits to next week’s Nuremberg Toy Fair (29-31 January), England (1-6 February) and Retromobile (8 February). To meet up, please call or send an email.