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4 November 2010

It's official: The Lotus Evora is the most fun to drive car

Further industry recognition for the multi-award winning Lotus Evora with the most 'Fun to Drive Car' award from Popular Mechanics as they celebrate the Top 10 Cars of 2010.

The expert automotive editorial team at Popular Mechanics has tested over 100 vehicles during the course of the past year to identify the best in automotive design, execution and technology for 2011 model year vehicles in ten specific categories. When the tire smoke settled and the engines and brakes cooled off, the ONE vehicle they found most Fun to Drive for 2011 is the all-new Lotus Evora.

Summarizing his automotive editorial team's findings, lead Popular Mechanics' automotive Editor Larry Webster said: "We're all car enthusiasts so every sports car is viewed with an especially critical eye. The Evora simply floored us. It combines everything we want in a performance car - gutsy engine, stunning looks, and a dash of practicality - with the driving dynamics we've come to expect from Lotus. It's the most entertaining car on the road."

One of the primary guiding principles through all of Lotus' 60 plus years of existence has been to build very pure, communicative and inclusive sports cars making them exceptionally fun to drive.

Commenting on the award Dany Bahar Chief Executive of Group Lotus said: "It's very gratifying to receive such a prestigious award from the editors at Popular Mechanics. With the Evora we set out to deliver a high performance sports car without sacrificing on comfort, a Lotus that you could happily and comfortably live with every day, yet still providing 100 percent of the exceptional ride and handling experience we're famous for. This award, and the many others the Evora has received, justifies our mantra of performance through relative light weight and fun to drive focus."

"This award is perfectly timed as we're set to head to the LA Auto Show where people can come and see not only the brand new Evoras, the S and the IPS but they can also experience the future of Lotus with our all new product line-up as we unveil the Esprit, Elite, Elan, Elise and Eterne."