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5 July 2010

Fairuz Fauzy confirmed for more Friday practice runs

Lotus Racing has today confirmed that Fairuz Fauzy will be driving in Friday Practice for the team at four more races in 2010, adding to the mileage he already has under his belt from the pre-season tests at Jerez and Barcelona, and the excellent contribution he made in FP1 at the Malaysian Grand Prix in April. He will be taking part in FP1 at Silverstone, Hungary, Singapore and the season-closing Abu Dhabi races, taking over Jarno Trulliís T127-04, and Heikki Kovalainenís T127-01 chassis at two races each.

Fairuz is understandably excited about the challenge ahead, starting with the teamís second home race at Silverstone this weekend: ďFirst I want to thank Tony, Mike and the whole team for the chance to get back in the car. I really canít wait to see how far weíve moved forward since I was last out on track, and Iím very proud to have been given the chance to play another active role in our continuing development. I did the shakedown of chassis 04 at Snetterton a couple of weeks ago, but obviously couldnít really push there, so itíll be great to get back out and add whatever I can to help the team keep moving towards the midfield. To start out at Silverstone is going to be very special indeed Ė I live literally a few metres from the track, so Iíll have a lot of friends, family and fans there to cheer me and the whole team on, and itíll be great to be among the first F1 cars to try out the new section. Iím also really looking forward to the other three races, particularly Singapore as there is a unique challenge to racing under the lights, but also because there will be a lot of fans there from Malaysia and Singapore, and itíll be great to put on a good show for them.Ē

Mike Gascoyne is also looking forward to seeing Fairuz in the car: ďEvery time Fairuz has been out on track for us heís done a great job, and taking part in four more races is a just reward for the contribution heís already made to the establishment and growth of our team. Itís another chance for us to learn more about how to get the most out of him in the car, as well as providing us with another invaluable viewpoint on the characteristics of our car.Ē

Tony Fernandes, Team Principal: ďIím absolutely delighted Fairuz will back in the hot seat at four more races Ė heís done an excellent job for us whenever heís been out on track, and his enthusiasm and input throughout race weekends, whether heís in or out of the car, has made him a real asset to the whole team. But for me itís not just about the fact heíll be taking part in those Friday sessions Ė itís also important to see that Fairuz is proving that hard work, perseverance and dedication can make dreams come true, whoever you are, and wherever you are in the world. Everyone in Malaysia is behind him, and Zulfahmi Khairuddin in MotoGP 125, another Malaysian flying the flag in international motorsport, and they are proving that talent and dedication can take you right to the very top. Fahmi will be adding more points to his tally very soon, and while Fairuz isnít yet in a position to score points, his technical input will provide us with more very useful data, and thatís obviously very important. Equally important is the inspirational role he continues to play which will, I believe, also help us take another step forward, and Iíd like to thank him for that as well.Ē