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7 October 2010

More Than Just a MagazineÖÖ

Every once in a while you pick up something to read and it surprises you, maybe, just maybe, when you get your hands on the new Lotus magazine, you might just have one of those rare moments. Thatís the plan anyway.

Shakespeare gave Juliet the famous question: What's in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet.

So, what is in the name Lotus? Arguably Lotus is a brand - but any marketing guru worth their salt will tell you that a brand is only in part about a name or a logo, equally important (if not more so) is the experience that becomes synonymous with the name.

And thatís what the Lotus magazine is all about Ė itís not a car magazine (even if Esprit, Elite, Elan, Elise and Eterne feature prominently in issue 1), itís the translation of the new Lotus experience onto paper. It isnít a glorified sales pitch, itís the gateway to the new Lotus world, itís an insight into our game plan.

Weíve brought together some exceptional people from the magazine industry to bring you a work of reading glory spanning 160 gorgeous pages. Lotus is a lifestyle choice and in our magazine youíll find a collection of intriguing articles highlighting the very best of British culture accompanied by fashion and sublime photography.

Lotus CEO Dany Bahar said: ďThe concept behind the magazine is to showcase the world of Lotus in a smart, stylish and tongue-in-cheek format. The magazine provides the perfect platform to communicate our new DNA - sexy, upbeat, unique, energetic and bursting at the seams with creativity and joie de vivre. Iím confident that, as with our new cars, the magazine can compete with the world's best and do our special brand justice.Ē

Published three times a year, with a cover price of £20 (Ä25/$30), issue one of the magazine was launched at the Paris Motor Show and is available now via online subscription (http://www.lotuscars.com/en/lotus-magazine). In 2011 subscribers will be able to receive three issues delivered direct to their door for just £60 (Ä75/$90/$100 r.o.w).

Lotus rules apply. Come join us on our journey. Donít be left behind.