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4 December 2007

Lotus Continue Senior Fellowship with Loughborough University


Lotus Engineering, the world-renowned automotive consultancy division of Group Lotus plc, announces its continued collaboration with Loughborough University through the sponsorship of the Group Lotus Senior Research Fellowship into Laser Diagnostics. The research activities will continue to focus on reducing internal  combustion engine emissions.

Lotus Engineering originally started working with Loughborough University in 1997 and the Group Lotus Fellowship was created four years ago to develop the cutting edge research programme HOTFIRE. This high technology research programme, in conjunction with Siemens VDO, UCL and EPSRC, resulted in an innovative approach to improving fuel efficiency and emissions from a gasoline direct injection engine.

The Group Lotus Fellowship is held by Dr Graham Wigley of the School of Aeronautical and Automotive Engineering and Systems Engineering, who will continue the research into advanced combustion using the Lotus optical research engine and laser diagnostics. This cutting edge research is integral to Lotus Engineering’s ongoing activities into new and world leading techniques and technologies to reduce the environmental impact of the internal combustion engine.

Simon Wood, Technical Director of Lotus Engineering said: “This collaboration provides Dr Wigley and his team the opportunity to continue this exciting research. By using the Lotus optical access research engine with Loughborough’s laser diagnostics expertise, we are able to look inside the engine to understand the interaction of the air motion and fuel spray in the cylinder. This keeps Lotus Engineering at the forefront of advanced combustion technologies, which will find their way into engines of the future.”

Mike Kimberley, Chief Executive Officer for Group Lotus plc further commented: “I am delighted that we will carry on working closely with Loughborough University, one of the most highly regarded educational institutions in the United Kingdom. This is an excellent example of an industry and academic partnership producing world-class research for the benefit of the environment, the car buyer and maintaining the UK’s position at the forefront of technology.”

Dr Wigley remarked “Over the years a highly productive working relationship has been developed and state of the art experimental facilities have been established for studying the air-fuel mixing and combustion for advanced gasoline engine technologies. The continuation of the Fellowship helps maintain the high level of momentum and expertise developed by the research team.”

Lotus Research Optical AVT 2

Lotus Research Optical Engine