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Lotus Type 112

Lotus Type 112 (wind tunnel model)

period: 1995

engine: Mugen-Honda MF-351HC, 2,998 cc (182.9 cu in), V10, NA, mid-engine, longitudinally mounted

Chassis:  Carbon fibre monocoque

Suspension (front):  Double wishbones, pushrod

Suspension (rear):  Double wishbones, pushrod

Axle track Front: 1,650 mm (65 in)

Rear: 1,600 mm (63 in)

Wheelbase 2,950 mm (116 in)

Transmission:  Lotus / Xtrac 6-speed semi-automatic

Tyres:  Goodyear

# made: 0

At the end of 1994 Team Lotus was sold to David Hunt, brother of 1976 World Champion James Hunt, and Mika Salo was hired to replace Herbert for the last two races of the season. In December, however, work on the design of a new car (the Lotus 112) was halted and the staff laid off.

In February 1995 Hunt announced an alliance with Pacific Grand Prix and Team Lotus came to an end. Pacific were initially referred to as Pacific Team Lotus and their car featured a green stripe with the Lotus logo. Pacific left Formula One after the 1995 Australian Grand Prix. The last race for Lotus was the 1994 Australian Grand Prix.