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The official magazine of Lotus Engineering is called proActive. Since 2005 we have permission from Lotus Engineering to offer you hyperlinks to these magazines. From this page you will be able to read every issue that was published until now, all in pdf format. In order to see these documents and download these, you will need a program like Acrobat Reader or similar software. For 41 you will need a Flash player.

Contents: automotive news, articles and interviews from Lotus Engineering and just-auto.com

Please note, copyright Group Lotus plc and/or Aroq Ltd and/or just-auto.com. Please be kind enough not to make your own hyperlinks to these documents.


Issue 51 Spring 2014
Issue 50 Autumn 2013

More than 60 pages with interesting (Lotus related) information, like:

  • IntervIew wIth Richard Noble and Mark Chapman
  • Aluminium Anodising - Anodising by lotus Lightweight Structures
  • Lightweight Cycles - Mass and inertia in the world of cycling
  • Shaping the Future of Aluminum - Solution heat treatment forming (HFQ)
  • Engine Order Cancellation - Active noise control to enhance the NVH of range extended hybrids
  • Q&A Rupert Manwaring - Head of Lotus Motorsport
  • Bloodhound SSC - Richard Noble and Mark Chapman
  • Vision 2020 - Meeting EU emissions and economy targets
  • State of the Industry (Autumn 2013) - Dave Leggett looks at the automotive industry
Issue 49 Summer 2013 (official link)
Issue 48 Spring 2013
Issue 47 Winter 2012
Issue 46 Autumn 2012
Issue 45 Summer 2012
Issue 44 Spring 2012
  • Inside Lotus with James Allison
  • Q&A with Lord Drayson
  • Chasing the world car
  • Lotus Engineering in America
  • Carbon neutral fuels

Issue 43 Winter 2011
  • Lotus News
  • Global car markets heading in 2012?
  • Q&A with Steve Cropley
  • Lotus Lightweight Structures
  • Proton Campro 1.6 CFE
  • Vehicle mass emissions targets
  • Inside Lotus with Mark James
Issue 42 Autumn 2011
  • Lotus at Frankfurt Motorshow
  • Q&A with Richard Parry-Jones
  • Electric vehicles - dividing opinion
  • Ternary blends of gasoline
  • Vehicle light-weighting and sustainability
  • Q&A with Claudio Berro

Issue 41

Summer 2011
  • Interview with Bob Lutz
  • Range extender engine
  • Active valve train goes high speed
  • Safety first with hybrid and electric vehicles
  • Interview with professor Grebe
  • Impact of hub motors on driving dynamics

Issue 40 Spring 2011
  • Lotus Engineering provides electrical integration expertise for ulta luxury vehicle
  • The sights and sounds of Geneva
  • A brief history of carbon fibre
  • The Lotus interview: Hui Zang
Issue 39 Winter 2010
  • Paris 2010 - a new era begins
  • The Lotus interview: Lotus director of design Donato Coco
  • Compostie developments in mainstream body structures
  • Fuel efficiency improvements usins variable valve actuation
  • Connecting man and machine - the HMI system for the Lotus City Car
Issue 38 Autumn 2010
  • Battery pack integration in a vehicular environment
  • Electric motors and drives for propulsion
  • Feeding the omnivore engine on gasoline, ethanol and diesel
  • The effect of hub motors on vehicle dynamics
Issue 37 Summer 2010
  • The Lotus approach for worldleading driving dynamics
  • The concept and performance of the Lotus range extender engine
  • Hybrid and electric vehicle testing at Lotus
  • The Lotus interview: Dr Robert Hentschel, Director of Lotus Engineering
Issue 36 January/February 2010
  • Lotus hybrid power for the PROTON Concept
  • The new proposed EU and US emissions regulations from a small-volume manufacture perspective
  • Q&A with Richard Parry- ones
  • Could upsizing be the new downsizing?
Issue 35 November/December 2009
  • Hybrid energy storage systems for electric vehicles
  • Q&A with Jaguar Land Rover’s Bob Joyce
  • Extending the reach of bioethanol through “invisible” blends of methanol, ethanol, and gasoline
Issue 34 September/October 2009
  • Series hybrids and the Lotus Range Extender
  • Technology integration for low carbon – A review of the Lotus/IMechE seminar
  • Lotus Evora Type 124 endurance racecar
  • Q&A with Oskar Goitia – MD at Mondragon Automocion
Issue 33 July/August 2009
  • Safety Fast – Crash management for the Lotus Evora
  • Mike Kimberley retires
  • Military Precision – How defence departments are turning to the automotive industry
  • Q&A with Cenex CEO Robert Evans
Issue 32 May/June 2009
  • Fit for Purpose - Redefining the city car
  • London’s Calling - Developing a zero emission taxi
  • Q&A with BioMCN - Rob Voncken, CEO
  • Launch Control - Behind the scenes on the Evora first drives
Issue 31 March/April 2009
  • Lotus and Harman International announce collaboration
  • Reforming racing to drive technology for cleaner motoring
  • Lotus Omnivore research engine unveiled
  • Q&A with Dr. Pawan Goenka – president of Mahindra Group’s automotive unit
Issue 30 January/February 2009
  • Strictly on track – Lotus Driving Academy

  • Well-to-‘two wheels’– a vision of the future of MotoGP

  • Lotus and HEVs - those we can talk about

  • The North Carolina Centre for Automotive Research - Inside the new proving ground

Issue 29 November/December 2008
  • Off the line- Preparing for Evora production

  • Designing suspension for hub motors – the dynamic challenges for future EVs

  • Interview: Ian Foley MD at Williams Hybrid Power

  • Under the skin of the new Lotus Evora

Issue 28 September/October 2008
  • The Project Eagle story
  • Driving dunamics
  • Q&A with Bob Lee
  • Lotus Evora design story
Issue 27 July/August 2008
  • The Evora is here
  • Lotus Eco-Elise
  • British International Motorshow
  • Interview with Victor Muller
Issue 26 May/June 2008
  • Creation of Lotus Lightweight Structures Limited

  • Q&A with Carbon Motors’ Trevor Rudderham

  • Visible locking nut set to put end to wheel loss

Issue 25 March/April 2008
  • Cars running on CO²
  • White Riot
  • Interview with Victor Nacif
Issue 24 January/February 2008

This digital magazine has new looks now!

  • Tesla's car guy
  • A closer look at Lotus' advanced combustion research
  • 'Safe and sound' hybrid
Issue 23 November/December 2007

UCL and Group Lotus: Celebrating Colin Chapman’s legacy of engineering innovation
Hot Wheels

Issue 22 September/October 2007

The Lotus Integrated Exhaust Manifold
Q&A with Group Lotus CEO, Mike Kimberley

Issue 21 July/August 2007

Polar moments
Wind turbines to supply Lotus electricity needs

Issue 20 May/June 2007

EVE Hybrid –‘retro–integration’ for a viable, low CO2 vehicle
New products, New markets = New Lotus drivers

Issue 19 March/April 2007

BMW plant could build Mini
Engineering success on the track – creating the Lotus Sport 2007 GT3 race car

Issue 18 January/February 2007

Creating the dynamics experts of the future
BMW, PSA eye 2-litre engine JV

Issue 17 November/December 2006

Lotus Engineering helping Chineese automaker
Racing success on the straat

Issue 16 September/October 2006

British, Racing and very green
Energy utilisation and future automotive fuels

Issue 15 July/August 2006

The APX Programme: A Jekyll and Hyde car
The British Motorshow

Issue 14 May/June 2006

Driving dynamics in the US
China won't rush to world markets

Issue 13 March/April 2006

Using top gear in 30 mph zones: will it save fuel and is it safe?
Car sharing: an idea whose time has come on this side of the Atlantic?

Issue 12 January/February 2006

Does CUV spell Detroit's salvation?
Alternative powertrains.

Issue 11 November/December 2005

Lotus Motorsport Services
Lotus races in Europe

Issue 10 September/October 2005

Vehicle Architecture
The ultimate road-track car

Issue 9 July/August 2005

Performance partnerships
How China could drive new wave of consolidation

Issue 8 May/June 2005

Tightening NOx emission rules cold boost hybrids at diesels' expense.
Powertrain developments.

Issue 7 March/April 2005

Indian light vehicle market review.
Rolling stock.

Issue 6 February 2005

Lotus Engineering unleashes suspension analysis.
The Chinese are comming.

Issue 5 December 2004

Germany: BMW reveals first details of new 3 series.
Lotus vehicle safety integration engineering.

Issue 4 September/October 2004

Powertrain automotive technology developments at Lotus.
Volvo rolls out its first V8.

Issue 3 July/August 2004

Taking the Elise to America.
Logan: Renault's world car.

Issue 2 May/June 2004

Design houses.
Style versus function.

Issue 1 March/April 2004

The hydrogen promise of Mazda's rotary engine.
UK: GM strays from its common architecture strategy