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More than cars...

The purpose of this page is to give you some extra information about Lotus.

When we hear the name Lotus, we will all think about the fabulous cars. Well, that's what everybody knows about Lotus, and that's what you will find during your visit to our website. But there is more. Much more....

So, on this page, we will skip the cars and give you some information about the other activites of Group Lotus.



Ultralight aircraft

Clan Crusader


A very important member of the group is Lotus Engineering. Almost every major car maker in the world has done business with Lotus Engineering! And through the efforts of our Research division, Lotus Engineering is at the forefront of automotive technology for the future.

Within Lotus Engineering thee are several divisions, like the Powertrain division that has expertise in every area of mass production and specialised powertrain development. How about this for a fact: almost 10% of all new cars sold in Europe will be powered by Lotus-designed engines! One of the technical advances for which Lotus Engineering is responsible is the Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) engine. An ultra-efficient powerplant boasting dramatically reduced emissions and fuel consumption, and improved performance compared with engines of similar capacity.

AVT engine

Next, there is the Vehicle division that engineers and manufactures whole vehicles, from trucks to racing cars, for low, medium or high volume production.

Volvo bus                                             THINK City

ZAP Obvio 012E

More ZAP information, click here

Tesla Roadster

For more Tesla information, click here.

And how about the Consultancy division, that makes the huge amount of experience in delivering projects for major car makers available for other companies. The Consultancy division can also call upon skills learned in areas such as the military, marine, composite materials applications and process development, furniture, architecture, and aerospace.

Further more, there is the Management division that successfully manages large- and small-scale projects, including multi-national programmes and prime contractor responsibilities.

The latest division is called Lotus Performance and manufactures low-volume, high performance engines for road use and motorsport applications.

Of course, the majority of the engineering work that is carried out is highly confidential, but some projects are known to the public. Like General Motors Ecotec engine that was developped by Lotus, or development of Honda’s Civic Aerodeck estate car, or Kia’s 1995 Seoul Motor Show concept car, or more recently the Opel Speedster, Lotus is also building this car on behalf of General Motors.

Other examples are Active Suspension, Automotive Anti Noise System, Active Four Wheel Drive System, and more, much more! You can get information about these projects from the Lotus website, click here.

Lotus also runs Driver Training courses, organises customer track days, and runs the Official Lotus Club. Visit the official Lotus website here.



source: Group Lotus Plc, 2004