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Lotus Links


From this page we are offering you links to other Lotus (related) websites. If you have any information that you like to share, please let us know by e-mail.

Please note: we are not promoting any website here nor stating the quality of a website, this page is just to let you know that we did find an interesting website.


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Links - books
Amazon Lots of books, also carbooks
Barnes & Noble Lots of books, also carbooks
Bibliography of Lotus cars Mike Causer has put a lot of time and effort in this extensive list. Have a look!
Coterie Press Books and calendars
Lotus Books What you can not find on these pages just doesn't excist...
Motorbooks Books, books and more books
Links - brochures
Auto In Print Car sales brochures, workshop manuals, automobile art.
Autolit shop Walter Miller's automobile literature business has grown to be the largest in the world, with 2,000,000 pieces in stock.
Stephen Walker Stephen Walker's British Car Brochure Collection
Links - Carlton  
Lotus Carlton Site by James Waddington, lots of info on the worlds fastest saloon.
Links - Cortina  
Lotus Cortina Information This website has been created as a library of information about the Lotus Cortina.
Links - drivers  
Mario Andretti The official Andretti family website
The Jim Clark Room, link #1, link #2, link #3 The Jim Clark Room is a must!
Jim Clark Trust The Jim Clark Trust was formed by Jim Clark’s parents James and Helen in 1978 to formalise their gift of the Presentation Cups, Shields and Trophies of his incredible career for public display to the District Council of Berwickshire, Scotland.

The Trust remains under the guidance of the Jim Clark family with Family Trustees Ian Calder and Doug Niven, nephew and cousin of Jim, alongside community leaders from Scottish Borders Council.
Emmerson Fittipaldi New website
Ronnie Peterson The official website
Ronnie Peterson Museum Ronnie Peterson Museum is operated by a number of enthusiasts of the non-profit Ronnie Peterson Museum Association.
Jo Siffert Official website by Roland Häni
Links - for sale
Arno Huberts Lotus lover for many years, has always one or more cars for sale on his website.
FindIt Cars and parts for sale, Lotus links, services, etc.
PistonHeads Have a look in the classifieds section
Links - Elan  
Lotus Elan Central The Elan M100, images, maintanace, technical specs etc.
m100hoods New M100 hoods, this company is working with the original manufacturers and suppliers of the M100 hood and seals to Lotus Cars Ltd.
Lotus Elan group on Yahoo The place for Lotus Elan owners to talk about our love for the Elans. Whether you are an owner, owner to-be, or just an interested party, this list is devoted to sharing information, fixes, impressions, or just plain friendship over the Lotus Elan.
Lotus Elan Net Everything you want to know about the original Elan.

        mailing list

Every Elan owner should join in our opinion, lots of usefull information and help from other Elan owners!
Lotus Elan Plus 2 Images, history, technical specifications and so on
Lotus Elan and Lotus Elan Plus 2 Registry This is the Registry for the 1963 thru 1973 Lotus Elan and the 1967 thru 1974 Lotus Elan Plus 2. The purpose of the registry is to keep a history of the cars, trace the evolution of the Lotus Elan and to facilitate owner communication.
Lotus Elan Sprint This site is dedicated to the Lotus Elan Sprint. Lots of information!
Lotus Elan Sprint and other cars Website by Carl Pereira about his Sprint
Lotus Elan Type 26 Register The names covers the contents. Sharing information, re-manufacture obsolete parts, preserving originality and integrity
Links - Eleven
Lotus Eleven Site The website of the Lotus Eleven Register, which exists for the identification and preservation of authentic Lotus Elevens, and as a starting point for historic research.
Links - Elise  
ECE - electric Elise Dutch company specialising in electric cars
Lotus Elise Buyers guide, tests, modifications and more.
Lotus Elise SII Very promissing, also some great video's on this site!
340R Net Resource site for Lotus 340R Owners and Enthusiasts
Links - Elite  
Lotus Elite Type 14 History, technical specs, restoration, etc.
The Lotus Elite Journal The Lotus Elite Journal is an online quarterly publication by Dennis Ortenburger.
Lotus Elite World Register The Lotus Elite World Register was was founded three decades ago by Mike Ostrov of Club Elite North America, registrars of Club Elite UK, and Australian/New Zealand Elite owners. Based on the original Lotus Elite factory records and hundreds of telephone calls and faxes, the EWR was assembled and maintained on cardboard recipe cards for many years before being converted to a fully digital format by Greg Paris in 2005. Through continued collaboration between the clubs, the digital EWR and electronic folders now contain almost 100,000 files (including 11,000 photos) for over 600 Elites.
Links - Esprit  
Dermot's Lotus Esprit S4 Sport Personal site with lots of useful information. And lots of Esprit related links.
Esprit Fact File Lots of information on the Lotus Esprit. If you own one, you should have a look here.
JPS Esprit S2 Dedicated to the JPS Esprit S2
Lotus Esprit Turbo.com A website dedicated to the 1988 Lotus Esprit Turbo, featuring info and hi res pictures of Mark Blanchard's car
Lotus Esprit World Road tests, maintanance, models, news, etc.
Turbo Esprit List Great mailing list, lots of usefull information and help from other Esprit owners!
Links - Europa  
Lotus Europa Central Complete compendium of Europa information out there including online parts and service manuals (look in the documentation tab on the top side menu), a complete keyword-searchable database of every message in the Yahoogroups lotuseuropa mailing list, parts cross-reference search (complete with links to vendors by type and part), and a comprehensive registry of all models of the car from th eearliest 46 to the last type 74.   Created by Jerry Johnson
A tribute to the Lotus Europa A complete restoration journal for 693R, photos, a mirror of jerry's documentation site, and a burgeoning list of owner sites, vendors, other lotus sites, etc.    Created by Bryan D. Boyle


Links - Excel  
Lotus Excel Net Forum, technical articles, cars for sale and more.
Links - Evora  
Evora forum Forum, technical articles, cars for sale and more.
Links - general
Classic Lotus Racer Bi-monthly magazine that covers all of the Lotus Competition Cars, the first 16 issues where named "Lotus Single Seaters" magazine
Classic Team Lotus Team Lotus established Classic Team Lotus in 1991, as the Works historic motorsport activity. Classic Team Lotus continues to maintain and operate Lotus F1 cars for owners around the world, and it preserves the Team Lotus archive and Works Collection of cars, under the management of Colin Chapman’s son, Clive.
Exclusively Lotus Rare Lotus cars. When this website is complete it will be designed to enhance the awareness of ALL prototypes and low volume Lotus's of historic importance to the brand.
John Player Team Lotus Information on Lotus Formula 1 cars, books, models, etc.
Kodewa Lotus motorcycle The world’s first motorcycle to bear the legendary Lotus marque
Lotus Buzz Internet forum with lots of Lotus news and discussions.
Lotus Cars The official Lotus website
Lotus Central Lotus Central is a non profit-making website set up to promote Lotus related news and events to the whole Lotus community
Lotus Driving Academy The Lotus Driving Academy at the Hethel test track has been restructured to suit the Lotus driver of today and tomorrow. It is possible to develop your own driving skills as you progress through the various levels with the Lotus Elise or discover the brand new Evora S - always under the professional guidance of experienced Lotus instructors.
Lotus Enthusiast Lotus Enthusiast brings you the latest Lotus news and features.
Lotus Forum German website, with chat, info, links and so on.
Lotus Historic Register Germany German website, Siegfried Herrmann, Jim Clark revival
Lotusracer Website by John Gray, 1957 Lotus Eleven Series 2 Le Mans.
Peter Stevens Design Peter Stevens is one of the UK’s best-known and most sought-after international transportation and product designers. He has won numerous honours for his work which includes creating road and race cars for McLaren, Lamborghini, BMW, Lotus, Prodrive, TWR, among others.
Southrun E-zine on Lotus, the latest news!
Team Lotus Webshop The official Team Lotus webshop
The Lotus Forums Great Lotus information source, forums, shops, etc.
Links - links pages
Lotus Start Belgium Lotus links page
Links - modelcars
Diecasm A website where one can buy model cars, that is sponsoring non-profit organizations with a donation for every model that is sold, thereby enabling the organization to build upon its work, continuing its mission. Lot of Lotus miniatures!
E & J Van Dijk mini-modelcars (Dutch language) Dealer in The Netherlands, has a nice collection of Lotus miniatures for sale. Can be contacted by e-mail from their website.
Anyat diecast restorations A modelcar specialist who gives older miniature models a second chance by restoring them and (this is unique) fitting lifelike drivers in them.
Kit Lotus Website and newsletter, dedicated to Lotus kits
Mafma French website with a lot of models to choose from.
Model Cars Australian website with a lot of models to choose from.
Mikes Miniatures South African modelmaker who makes Lotus models from scratch
Modelenium English website with a lot of models to choose from.
Soldados Galileo This is the website of Leonardo Madeo, who creates miniature figures of racing drivers and other objects, from resin.
Links - Seven  
Lotus 7 Register Series 1 to 4 described, books, technical information, history