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Lotus 2-Eleven

Lotus Circuit Car (Type 111)

period: 2005 - 2007

engine: 1794 cc Toyota VVTL-i / 190 bhp or 240 bhp (Supercharged) 

# made:

The Lotus "Circuit Car" is based on the Lotus Elise chassis, the single-seater car (with an option of two seats) has been designed and engineered solely for Track Days and Club Racing.


Lotus 2-Eleven (Type 111)

period: 2007

Engine: 1796 cc Toyota VVTL-i DHOC 252 bhp

# made:

Based on the Elise, this is not only a track car but it was launched in april 2007 in two versions, the Roadgoing Version having lights, xhaust catalyst, single plane rear wing and other items to achieve compliance with UK road legal requirements and Track Only Version with an enhanced aerodynamics package including high downforce single plane carbon fibre rear wing, high downforce front splitter, brake lights and rear indicators and FIA approved driver's race seat.

More information in the press release.

Lotus 2-Eleven (Type 111)

period: 2008 -

Engine: 1794 cc Toyota VVTL-i DHOC 189 bhp

# made:

Entry level 2-Eleven, please see the press release for details, click here

Lotus 2-Eleven Gt4 Supersport (Type 111)

period: 2009 -

Engine: 1794 cc Toyota VVTL-i DHOC 270 bhp

# made:    (initial run limited to 10 cars, delevery March 2 009)

Please see the press release for details, click here