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Lotus Type 23

period: 1962 - 1966

engine: Cosworth Ford 1097 cc / 103 bhp ; Lotus Twin Cam 1498 or 1558 cc; 105 - 185 bhp

# made: 130 est. (23/23B/23C)

The 23 was originally intended for engines of 750cc to 1300cc displacement. The 23B, with stronger chassis tubes, accepted larger engines, especially the new, secret weapon of Lotus - the Ford-based 1.5/1.6 litre Lotus Twincam destined for the Elan sports car.

Sports racer.


engine: Porsche 1966 cc / 200 bhp

# made: 1, Chassis No. 23-S-82

A very special Type 23, that was raced by George Follmer. This racing car driver was successful in Southern California sports car racing with Porsches in the early 1960s. At one point he was looking for a competitive sports-racer in the under-2 liter class and ordered a new Lotus 23 without engine or radiators. Follmer and mechanic Bruce Burness upgraded the Lotus to full 23B specifications and beyond to accommodate a Porsche 904 engine.

Follmer then decided to compete in the top-level 1965 USRRC. Follmer was leading the championship. In early 1966, Follmer sold the Lotus 23-Porsche. In the late 1980s, it reappeared in an as-raced and much-modified condition. Eventually purchased by a collector in Germany, it was restored with advice from its original mechanic Bruce Burness.

  • 200 BHP At 7,500 RPM
  • 1,966 CC Porsche 904 Engine
  • Dual Overhead Camshafts
  • Two Weber Dual Choke Carburetors
  • 5-Speed Hewland/VW Manual Transaxle
  • 4-Wheel Independent Front Suspension With Coil Springs And Tubular Shock Absorbers