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Lotus Eclat

Lotus Eclat (Type 76)

period: 1975 - 1980

engine: Lotus 907 1973 cc, 160 bhp

The Eclat 520 was very basic and never caught on, this version had a 4-speed Ford gearbox instead of the 5-speed Lotus overdrive and pressed steel wheels.The 'standard car' was the 521. The 522 had extra equipment such as air conditioning, a more advanced radio/cassette installation and quartz-halogen headlamps. The 523 had these extras and was fitted with power-assisted steering. The 524 was fitted with an automatic transmission.


Eclat Sprint

period: 1977

engine: Lotus 907 1973 cc, 160 bhp

Same technical specifications, other final-drive ratio.

# made: 1299


Lotus Eclat S 2.2 (Type 84)

period: 1980 - 1982

engine: 2174cc, 160 bhp


Lotus Eclat S 2.2 Riviera (Type 84)

eriod: 1981 - 1982

engine: Lotus 912 2174cc, 160 bhp

'Limited Edition' with lift-out roof panel, rear spoiler and some distinctive styling touches.

# made (Type 84): 223