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Lotus Elan +2

+2 (Lotus Type 50)

period:  1967 - 1968

engine:  Lotus Twin Cam 1558 cc / 115 bhp

First examples were sold in kit form.

# made: 1562


+2S, +2S130, +2S130/5 (Lotus Type 50)

period:  1968 - 1974

engine:  Lotus Twin Cam 1558 cc / 118 - 126 bhp

More luxurious interior and seating, foglamps, black and chrome wheels.

# made: 3576

The +2S130 was easy to recognize because of its silver flake roof.

To celebrate their 50th Grand Prix victory, Lotus brought out a commemorative Plus 2 model painted in the John Player Special colours, 50 where made in 1973.

No convertable models where ever made at the factory.