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22 September 2014

Almost is never enough.

It was almost a top-ten finish for Lotus F1 Team in an eventful Singapore Grand Prix.

A mid-race safety car helped determine strategy and Pastor found himself in tenth position as those ahead pitted for new rubber. With the performance life of his – and Romain’s – soft tyres ebbing, so their quicker rivals on fresher rubber were able to gobble up the positions.

Twelfth for Pastor and thirteenth for Romain was the eventual result after a long, hot and hard weekend.

“We got the maximum out of our performance today and we had a strong consistent race,” said Pastor.

“I’m pretty happy about this after the issues we had earlier in the weekend. I pitted once more than the others during the safety car period but it didn’t affect my position. It was a tough race, especially the last ten laps where the tyres needed a lot of managing, but I think we were able to do a great race today.”

Romain lost position to Pastor at the safety car restart, and was thereafter unable to get past his team-mate.

“It was hot out there,” he said. “Things were looking pretty alright until the safety car, we were fighting for points. Unfortunately, I tried to attack too hard on the restart. I wanted to give it everything and with cold soft tyres after a slow safety car period, it was just too much once at the corner. From then on, I couldn’t pass back up through the field to get points.”

Deputy Team Principal, Federico Gastaldi, gave his assessment of the day. "We were very close to scoring points with Pastor and Romain,” he said.

“Unfortunately we couldn’t convert the potential into reality in the end but the team did a great job to get both cars to finish the race after the difficulties that we had through the course of the weekend. So I’m happy. Not rock and roll, but happy.”