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Lotus Racing - championships

Formula one


Worldchampion in year: Driver:
1963 Jim Clark
Demonstrating a strong superiority, Clark won seven times giving no chance to others drivers. Lotus 25 were, in his hands, reliable and quicker than any other opponent, including his team-mate T.Taylor.
1965 Jim Clark
Jim Clark seemed to be unstoppable. He won six of seven races.
1968 Graham Hill
Jim Clark died after an accident in a F.2 race at Hockenhein. In F1, the Cosworth engine dominium was absolut: 11 victories in 12 rounds! Hill with Lotus 49 took his second title.
1970 Jochen Rindt
Jochen Rindt became champion after his death when his team-mate, Emerson Fittipaldi, won the USA GP
1972 Emmerson Fittipaldi
The youngest ever world champion with only 25 years old
1973 Jackie Stewart
As a result of Cevert´s accident Stewart decided to retire, but he had broken Clark´s record of 25 victories, achieving his 27th at Germany GP in August.
1978 Mario Andretti
The big change in this year was the appearance of the Lotus 79 at Belgium; the team made its first one-two of the year. This car was the first "wing car", with side-skirts and dominated the rest of the season. Andretti took six victories, with his team mate, Peterson, in second four times.