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Books on Lotus drivers

We have made a special page for:

Jim Clark

Ayrton Senna

The other books about Lotus drivers are listed below.


Title Author Date ISBN Notes
Challenge me the race

Mike Hawthorn 1958 none Hawthorn describes racing against Colin Chapman.


A turn at the wheel

Stirling Moss 1961 none Hardback 240pp.
Stirling Moss, all but my life

Ken W. Purdy 1963 none Rare Stirling Moss biography book, 18 black & white illustrations.


All set from a CERT Jim Meikle 1963 none Biography of Mike Spence, covers 1960 - 1962

Softback, 136 x 200 mm, 40pp.

Private entrant, racing with Rob Walker Michael Cooper-Evans 1965   Walker's cars were the first to win Grands Prix for Lotus


Graham Hill,  Grand Prix Racing

  1966   Published by Shell, A4 size, 26pp.
Life at the limit

Graham Hill 1966 0 330 02675 5 269pp
Life at the limit Graham Hill 1969   225pp

reissued in 1993

Life at the limit

Graham Hill 1971   Softback version


Jackie Stewart, World Driving Champion

Lyle Kenyon Engel 1970 0 668 02338 4 The story of the dynamic 'flying Scot' including complete statistics


Jochen Rindt - reportage einer karriere

G. Lentz
G. Effenberger
G. K. Kodek
1970   German text, 153pp.
Jochen Rindt - kuolematon maailmanmestari G. Lentz
G. Effenberger
G. K. Kodek
1971 29801124 Finnish text

Hardback, 140 x 216mm, 157pp.

Jochen Rindt

Heinz Prüller 1970   German text, 216pp.
Mario Andretti Lyle Engel 1970   Hardback
John Surtees Cooper Evens 1970   Softback
Rindt, champion du monde

Heinz Prüller 1971
  French edition

Softback, 130 x 200mm, 312pp.

Jochen Rindt Heinz Prüller 1972 7183 0162 5 English edition with some omissions

Hardback, 143 x 224mm, 207pp.

Jo Siffert. Tout pour la course

Jacques Deschenaux 1972   252pp
Jo Siffert

Jacques Deschenaux 1972 7183 0402 0 English translation

Hardback,  140 x 220mm 208pp.

Jo Siffert ein leben für den rennsport

Jacques Deschenaux     German translation
Jo Siffert

Richard von Frankenberg 1972   German text

Hardback, 210 x 270 mm, 112pp.

Flying on the ground

Emerson Fittipaldi 1973 0718300130 Hardback, 143 x 223 mm 256pp
Ronnie Peterson, The Story of a Search for Perfection

Alan Henry 1975 0 85429 175 X Hardback, 175 x 237mm, 164pp
Ronnie Peterson, Superswede

Alan Henry 1978 0 85429 175 X Revised paperback edition of 1975 book, published after Ronnie's death.

Softback, 170 x 230 mm, 200pp


Neil Ewart 1976 0 312 34212 8 This book is based on extensive tape interviews and tells the story in his own words.



Neil Ewart 1977   Softback version
Ronnie Peterson, Grand Prix Racing Driver

Alan Henry 1976 90 6127 099 5 Dutch edition of this book from 1975


Sports Hero, Mario Andretti Marshall Burchard 1977 0399610774  
The other side of the Hill

Bette Hill 1978 0091349001 Hardback
Ronnie Peterson, La race des seigneurs

Martine Camus 1978   French text

Softback, 174 x 254 mm, 112pp

Mario Andretti: the man who can win any kind of race Lyle Kenyon Engel 1978 0668021934 Softback, 170 x 250 mm, 157pp
The Viking Drivers, Ronnie Peterson and Gunnar Nilsson

Fredrick Petersens 1979 0 7183 0366 0 Hardback, 141 x 221 mm, 208pp
Mario Andretti, world driving champion Lyle Kenyon Engel 1979 0668047399 159pp
Mario Andretti World Champion

Nigel Roebuck 1979 0 600 39469 7 Hardback, 175 x 243mm, 179pp
Ronnie Peterson - SuperSwede

Alan Henry 1980 0 85429 175 X reprint, originally printed in 1975 and revised in 1978 after the tragic dead of Ronnie.



Mr. Monaco, Graham Hill remembered

Tony Rudlin 1983 0 85059 357 3 Hardback, 150pp
Nelson Piquet, teh story of his 1983 World Championship

Ric van kempen     Softback, 21 x 28 cm, 24pp
My Cars, My Career

Stirling Moss &
Doug Nye
1987 0 85059 925 3 Hardback, 205 x 278 mm, 304pp.
The art of motor racing Emerson Fittipaldi 1987    
The art of motor racing Emerson Fittipaldi 1990 9990633541 Softback
Jochen Rindt

Alan Henry 1990 0 905138 79 1 Hardback, 217 x 302 mm, 109pp
Emmerson Fittipaldi

Gorden Kirby 1990 0 905138 78 3 Autocourse Driver Profiles

Hardback, 217 x 302 mm, 107pp

John Surtees, World Champion Alan Henry 1991 0905138732 Hardback,190 x 251 mm, 256pp
Nelson Piquet

Mike Doodson 1991 0905138813 Autocourse Driver Profiles

Hardback, 112pp

Graham Hill Simon Arron 1992 0905138864 Autocourse Driver Profiles

Hardback, 218 x 304 mm, 96pp

Andretti, Mario   1992 0905138856 Autocourse Driver Profiles
Rob Walker Michael Cooper-Evans 1993 1 874557 35 7 272pp
Andretti Mario Andretti 1994 0002554860 Hardback, 120pp
Andretti Mario Andretti 1994 0006383025 Softback, 112pp
Jochen Rindt, der James Dean der Formula 1

Heinz Prüller 1995 3701503516 233pp
Gunnar Nilsson, last Lotus hero Robert Miles 1996 0 473 03652 5 Spiral bound, 150 x 211 mm, 39pp.
Mario Andretti

G.S. Prentzas 1996 0791031764 Hardback, 245 x 190 mm, 64pp
Mario Andretti G.S. Prentzas 1996 0791031772 Softback version
Johnny Herbert: The Steel Behind the Smile

Christopher Hilton 1996 1852605626 Softback, 158 x 215 mm, 176pp
Mika Häkkinnen, Doing what comes naturally

Christopher Hilton 1997 1859604021 Softback, 170 x 230 mm, 176pp
Mika Häkkinnen, Fromuloiden Iunnonlahjakkuus Christopher Hilton 1997 952 5089 17 7 Finnish text, a translation of "Mika Hakkinen doing what comes naturally"

Hardback, 175 x 240 mm, 175pp

Mario Andretti Photo Album

Peter Nygaard 1999 1583880097 Softback, 216 x 262 mm, 112pp
Mario Andretti a driving passion

Gordon Kirby 2001 0964972298 Hardback, 278 x 278 mm
Mario Andretti a driving passion Gordon Kirby   1893618129 Softback version, 280 x 278 mm, 252pp
Mario Andretti, the complete record

Mike O'Leary 2002 0760313997 Softback, 200 x 240 mm,155pp
Ronnie Peterson, Formula 1- Super Swede

Johnny Tipler 2003 190235107X Hardback, 279 x 279mm,  232pp
Stirling Moss, the champion without crown

Pierre Menard
Jacques Vassal
2003   Hardback, 230 x 300 mm, 160pp
Emerson Fittipaldi Heart of a Racer

Karl Ludvigsen 2003 185960837X Hardback, 254 x 254 mm, 208pp
Emerson Fitipaldi,  Uma Vida Em Alta Velocidade

  2003 8573024801 Portugese text

Softback, 280pp

Graham Hill: A Master of Motor Sport

John Tipler 2003 1859832792 Hardback, 193 x 271 mm, 224pp
Lotus Drivers

various   1841555452 Softback, 210 x 297mm. 74pp
Remembering Elio

Lorie Coffey 2006 1902351266 Hardback, 280 x 280 mm, 208 pp

Follows Elio through his school years and his racing career

Also a limited edition of 250 copies presented in a white, red and blue gloss laminated slipcase, designed in the style of Elio’s winged crash helmet,
ISBN 1-902351-27-4

Grand Prix Racers: Portraits of Speed

Xavier Chimits 2008 0760334307 Hardback,  294 x 296 mm, 224 pp

This book gives readers a look at Grand Prix racing’s top drivers by way of its top photographers, the father and son team of Bernard and Paul-Henri Cahier. Bernard Cahier began shooting F1 in 1952. In the late 1960s, he was joined by his son. Their images, reproduced here in all their brilliance, capture some of the most memorable, even legendary, moments in the history of Grand Prix racing. These incomparable photographs, beautifully printed in rich black and white, comprise intimate portraits of seventy-two of the sports’ greatest drivers from the 1950s through today.

Ronnie Peterson: A Photographic Portrait

Alan Henry 2008 1844255484 Hardcover, 279 x 229 mm, 240 pp

Along with Stirling Moss and Gilles Villeneuve, Ronnie Peterson is widely regarded as one of the fastest drivers never to have won the Formula One World Championship. Like Moss and Villeneuve, the modest Swede was also massively popular in his day and remains something of a folk hero to today’s nostalgic fans, who recall his spectacular exuberance behind the wheel with such affection. This superbly produced book brings Peterson’s career vividly to life through stunning images sourced exclusively from LAT, the world’s largest library of motor racing images.

Innes Ireland Remembers

Ed McDonough 2008 978 1903088418 Hardcover, 229 x 267 mm, 280pp, 200 illustrations.

Motor racing historian Ed Mcdonough has taken the original transcripts of Innes' articles, with the co-operation of Jean Ireland, and edited them into this collection of tales, adding many photographs not previously published. They demonstrate the depth of Ireland's passions and his skill as a writer and story teller.


Cliff Allison - From the fells to Ferrari

Graham Gauld 2008 978 1845841508 Hardcover, 252 x 210 mm,144 pp, 105 illustrations

This book is the biography of Cliff Allison who started motor racing over fifty years ago with a little Cooper 500. Very much a countryman at heart Allison was not one of the party-going racing drivers but a driver with a huge ambition to race in Formula 1. He and Graham Hill competed in the first grand prix race for Colin Chapman’s Lotus team in 1958 and scored the first world championship points for Lotus. He later joined Ferrari and won the Argentine 1000kms sports car race with American co-driver Phil Hill as well as being a member of the Ferrari grand prix team in 1959 and 1960.

Cliff Allison can also claim victories in many sports car events including winning the Index of Performance at Le Mans in 1957 with a 750cc Lotus Eleven-Climax. His retired from racing following an accident whilst driving a Lotus-Climax in practice for the Belgian GP at Spa in 1961.

Jochen Rindt, uncowned king

David Tremayne 2009 ISBN-10: 9781844254729
Hardcover, 292 x 232 mm, 256 pp

Even today, when motorsport fans speak of car control they mention Jochen Rindt. Bernie Ecclestone believed he was the top talent of his era, Jackie Stewart said he was one of the cleanest drivers he had ever raced against, and he remains the sport's only posthumous World Champion. This investigation of Rindt's mercurial career paints the portrait of a man taken long before he reached his true potential and puts an underwritten character into his real perspective, as one of the greatest Grand Prix drivers of all time.

Original titel was: Jochen Rindt, champion lost

Stirling Moss Scrapbook 1956-1960

with Philip Porter 2009 978 1907085000 Hardcover, 402 x 352 mm,179 pp

Follow Sir Stirling Moss through his most turbulent, demanding and, ultimately, successful racing years. This was a period in which he secured landmark first GP wins for Vanwall, Cooper and Lotus; was all-conquering in Formula 2 driving Rob Walker's Cooper-Borgward and helped Aston Martin to victory in the World Sports Car Championship. The book is packed with personal insights from Moss, on and off-track images and jet-setting glamour. It also features a rare interview with Stirling's first wife, Kate who shares her memories of the dangers and pressures of the sport.

Stirling Moss, all my races

with Alan Henry 2009 978 1844257003 Hardcover, 280 x 230 mm, 352 pp

This new book tells the story of each of the 529 races in which Stirling Moss took part, from the start of his racing life in 1947 to his career-ending crash at Goodwood in 1962. Told in Sir Stirling's own words, this book is packed with detail and anecdote, supported with a wealth of photographs, that show all the greatest moments and the extraordinary variety of card he drove. 

Published to mark the 80th birthday of Sir Stirling Moss OBE

Jochen Rindt - eine Bildbiographie

Martin Pfundner 2012 ISBN-10:
A new German photo biography of the 1970 F1 World Champion Jochen Rindt by former friend and supporter Martin Pfundner. With many new so far unpublished photos from his archive.

171 pages, 203 b&w and 21 color photos. German text. Size 26.4 x 22.6 x 1.8 cm
F1 Pilot Series : Ronnie Peterson


Joe Honda 2014 ISBN: 978-4-905248-50-7 Photobook focusing on Ronnie Peterson, the “fastest man in the 70s”, still being supported by many fans till now. Size 297mm x 232mm, 132 Pages, 600 photos, Japanese / with partial English translation
Nigel Mansell, Staying on Track: The Autobiography

Nigel Mansell 2016 ISBN-10: 1471150240
ISBN-13: 978-1471150241
After finishing as runner-up three times in the drivers' world championship, in 1992 Mansell finally secured the title. It was the crowning achievement of a hugely successful career, in which he won 31 Grand Prix, a record for a British driver that stood until Lewis Hamilton overhauled him in 2014. Always an aggressive driver, his exciting style meant he was hailed as a hero by his millions of fans in the UK and around the world. Out of the car, he was outspoken and charismatic, which merely served to enhance his reputation.

Now, 20 years after he retired from F1, Mansell looks back on a stellar career in which he battled against many legends of the sport, from Lauda through the Senna and Prost years and on to Schumacher. He provides vivid insights into what it was like to race against those greats in an era when the risks to drivers were enormous. He explains what motivated him to get to the top, and takes the reader behind the scenes to give an unrivalled insight into the sport and the key moments of his career. Still closely involved in Formula One, Mansell assesses how F1 has changed, and gives his authoritative verdict on the sport, the cars and the drivers.

Paperback, 400 pages, size 199 x 290 x 133 mm

(Lotus F1 driver 1980-1984)
Mario Andretti: Immagini Di Una Vita/A Life in Pictures

Mario Donnini 2017 ISBN-10: 8879116827
ISBN-13: 978-8879116824
Experience the full career of racing legend Mario Andretti as recounted by the champion himself. The core of this biography is presented via interviews Andretti has given over the decades and expertly brought together by author Mario Donnini. Anecdotes, testimonials, quips, and jokes come together to give new light on motor racing history.Mario Andretti is a legend in two worlds: Europe and the United States. Some of his accolades and championships include: -1978 Formula 1 World Champion, -1969 Indianapolis 500 Victor-1965, 1966, 1984 IndyCar Champion-1967, 1970, 1972 12 Hours of Sebring Victor-24 Hours of Daytona Victor, and many other endurance classicsWhat counts most is that Mario is the last F1 world champion whose mother tongue is Italian, even if he did win the title when he was an American citizen. The volume contains hundreds of pictures - many of them previously unpublished - which illustrate the long and unrepeatable career of an all-time authentic icon of motor sport.

Hardcover, 208 pages, English
Pete Lovely - A racing life

Martin Rudow 2017 ISBN 978-1-53213-4168-7 The best-known road racer ever to come out of the Northwest of the USA has to be Pete Lovely. Best known because he was a headliner for over 50 years, despite being a quiet and humble man. He won fame as small-bore modified ace in the 1950s, won the first race ever held at Laguna Seca, had a stint as the Last Privateer in Formula One, and dominated small-bore vintage modified ranks for many years. His life as a race car driver, dealership owner, car developer and race team owner is equally fascinating. It's also a uniquely Pacific Northwest story, written by a man who knew Pete for many of those years: Martin Rudow

Softcover, 102 pages, over 100 images, English (USA), size 216 x 279 mm